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  1. Taking away the opportunity to troop in full costume for the premiere of the biggest film that many never thought would happen in our lifetimes is a fairly large slap when a compromise makes so much more sense. At the very least there should have been a vote by the membership. Scott Alan Wilcox TK-42194 badguysdoinggood@gmail.com NTX Squad Leader Star Garrison
  2. I feel a compromise would be more along the lines of keeping our weapons that resemble guns holstered. They can still be inspected by the police at the TFA theaters events and peace bonded with whatever secret colored ribbons the event coordinators wish to use. ______________________________________________________________________________ Scott Alan Wilcox | TK-42194 | Centurion | Imperial Rangers Fire Team | Kilted Trooper Brigade North Texas Squad Leader 2015 "Lord Vader is coming - look busy..."
  3. Tesla Kinetic

    FISD Staff for 2015

    Congratulations to this wonderful team! Really looking forward to the TK Celebration meet and greet! ...and pie! Scott Scott Alan Wilcox TK-42194
  4. Tesla Kinetic

    Garindan - Spy for Hire

    Outstanding job!
  5. Tesla Kinetic

    What movie scene?

    Tantive IV, shocked me into a new world. At seven years old, I couldn't figure out how people were in those TKs! Wicked moment! I still remember where I was seated in the theater...
  6. Excellent! Let me know if I can be of help with acquiring Centurion Status.
  7. Tesla Kinetic

    La Verne 4th of July Parade

    What a great parade! A bunch of wonderful troopers!
  8. Tesla Kinetic

    Three iComm Push to Talk Options

    Good stuff, Eric! I would really enjoy your info / opinion on headsets as I will need a new one soon. Cheers!
  9. Tesla Kinetic


    Trooperbay has always shipped all my items together, so whatever takes the longest to create, say a custom tee shirt, my other items would ship with it.
  10. Tesla Kinetic


    I love my tkboots. It is just a waiting game. They suggested to me a run was coming in may perhaps.
  11. Tesla Kinetic

    April 2014 Newsletter

    Great newsletter! 8^D<br /><br />TK-42194<br /><br />
  12. Tesla Kinetic

    Sketchy? Ebay Armor Seller.

    Locitus speaks wisely. Listen to his words. The gamble you make is yours.<br /><br />TK-42194<br /><br />
  13. Tesla Kinetic

    Whats in your bucket?

    Massive!<br /><br />TK-42194<br /><br />
  14. Tesla Kinetic

    Whats in your bucket?

    Are the hoses to direct fan flow?<br /><br />TK-42194<br /><br />