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  1. Good idea using the templates to get the stripes even(ish)
  2. Hahaha. Hurry up and finish so you can help me with mine!
  3. Yeah exactly. At the time they were well worth being pinned. But if the authors aren't willing to fix, there's no point having them there. There could be others now worthy of taking their place, or simply remove to allow more 'page 1 access' to the regular threads.
  4. I think after 2 years, if people haven't fixed their threads, they are not going to now. Is it worthwhile for the webmaster, or whoever, to go through all the pinned posts and unpin them. As an example, the first 4 posts in 'ANH Build Thrreads' all have no photos available to view.
  5. Looking good! Question - you mention the Hovi's are white inside, but didn't paint yours. Colours might be a bit different on computer - are the TM Hovi's 'white' enough to pass do you think?
  6. Looks like there's 12 approved now, and 1 Sandtrooper - 13 total.
  7. Posted some ideas on your thread on our Garrison page. Did you see that?
  8. You've just read about the mods Gazmosis had to make, to make it fit his. Mine was a aluminium pipe build, so a little different.
  9. https://www.apexgunparts.com/machine-guns/sub-machine-guns/sterling-l2a3/sterling-l2a3-folding-buttstock.html Apex Gun parts is a popular place. Depending on where you live of course, and the legalities of importing to your location.
  10. Exactly. Which means if they don't like the look of it, they will decline it or make you do it a different way.
  11. Discuss your plan with your GMLs. At the end of the day it is them who will approve, not anyone here.
  12. Yep, that's the trade off with return edges - Bigger general look better, but also less comfortable.
  13. Looking good. I see you raised your belt up again after approval
  14. Congrats Matt. The belt issue has become quite a heated discussion on our Garrison's facebook page. To date, GML's and CO have elected not to comment.
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