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  1. Hi Frank- I can get you added in to the FB page. It's a private group, but a very friendly one. Please look me up on FaceBook as "Diana Wolf Torres" so we can connect and I can get you added in. The group is almost at 500 members already. So, rest assured you are in great company. There are a lot of awesome building tips and tricks being exchanged on there and the best comeback lines to "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" -D.
  2. Wow! Nice progress. I am enjoying following your build. At the time I posted my thread, there were not a lot of smaller troopers out there. Now we have an entire community on FaceBook with almost 400 members and merchandise, clothing and patches just for us troopers who are guaranteed to get the line "Aren't You a Little Short for a Stormtrooper?" about six or seven times a troop. My little armor has held up beautifully and I've trooped in at least 50 times. I repair it on a regular basis with Zap-A-Gap and sludge, but I am still out there several times a month representing the 5'6" and
  3. Heh heh. Great catch. They're Velcro-ed on, so I can swap 'em out with different gloves. On this particular troop, I think I put them on after I put my bucket on. Probably not the best idea. Thanks for the eagle eyes.
  4. The handguards I received from RS-Props a few years back were never bright white, but neither was the armor kit so I didn't worry about it too much. But, as time passed and I logged more troops out in the California sun, my handguards yellowed faster than the rest of the kit. So, rather than abandon them after so many great troops together, I got a bit creative. It turned out there was very simple solution. Shoe paint. Available for a few dollars at the local drug store, it is flexible and just the right shade of white to match the armor. It is crazy easy to apply and dries i
  5. Michael, Great to hear from you and I'm glad you enjoyed the thread! My TK number, TK-95020 is based upon the zipcode in Gilroy. This year, we finally added a few more troopers in Gilroy and I started a "handler training program" and just trained someone in Gilroy into the program, as well. Nice to be able to finally get more folks way here in the Outer Rim where I live with my family. I always see folks with the Star Wars stickers on their car, but it was just a question of connecting with them. I see that you are in Germany. My Mom is from Bavaria. I ended up in the newspaper
  6. Not strange at all. Always best to ask the question than not ask it when you are not sure. My RS kit came with glue, and I was advised to throw it out. (For some strange reason, I haven't. Sentimental reasons, I suppose.) We tried the E-6000, but quickly discovered you actually need patience to allow it to dry. And, my spouse is not a patient man. So, we ended up going with the CA-Glue. This is very fast setting glue, and even faster if you add the Zip-Kicker. An excellent choice for those who are impatient. A very poor choice if you might mistakes.
  7. Hello All! I've been wanting to provide an update for a while, but admittedly it was a busy year. My TK ended up seeing a great deal of action in 2015, but held up beautifully. Not a single crack and I was out trooping most every weekend. I was also XO of the garrison for a year, which kept me busy. Things have quieted down for a bit, so I wanted to touch base again with everyone here and say hello. Kevin Doyle, of the 501 Mile Walk, came and stayed with me on his journey down the California Coast and then back up again. I was amazed at the things he could do in his armor, such a
  8. I'm digging that Tomsuit. I might have to check it out. I'm intrigued by the idea of the integrated gloves. Once you are in the armor, you are committed anyway. I always make a bio break before suiting up and one after, and once I'm in the armor, I'm in it for the duration. So one piece, two piece, doesn't matter. But, I do like the idea of the integrated gloves. Tugging up the gloves drives me crazy.
  9. Hello Clint- Welcome to the FISD! I am the Executive Officer of your local garrison, the Golden Gate Garrison. We have forwarded your note on our mentorship liason to see about matching you up with someone locally to provide you guidance. In the meantime, you can contact me directly with your questions regarding the garrison. tk95020@gmail.com. Looking forward to having you join our ranks. - Diana
  10. Looking good! The process is never really over. You'll always be wanting to make improvements on your kit. And, then, of course, there will be the inevitable urge to start another build...
  11. I use two squirrel fans pointed directly at the lenses to prevent fogging. I've also found that I fog more with certain balaclavas. I bought a high end balaclava on Amazon, spending 3x as much as on the others, and I no longer fog. Better materials, maybe? Superior design? Not sure. But, it is awesome to no longer worry about fogging. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I use two under suits. For hot weather trooping, I wear an Under Armor top and bottom. When it is cool enough, I wear the nice, thick undersuit which came with my RS. (Better protection from armor bite.). When it actually gets COLD here, I combine both and wear the Under Armor under the thick suit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Welcome! One of the best ways to get feedback and advice as you progress along is to do a "build thread." Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. LOL. I have mastered this one. Although, getting up from this position requires considerable leg strength and dexterity.
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