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  1. Personally, I think there are enough variants to share so all the Dets get what they want. Spec Ops was not designated to be specifically EU, although it does contain EU characters. Expect to see a "Fear" Shadow Trooper in the upcoming Cantina scene. The EU Det is Flagship Eclipse. I think between the FISD & the Spec Ops Det leadership, we'll come to amicable terms like we always have in the past. We've been brother Dets from the start & always helped each other out.
  2. Simply fantastic workmanship! I have some spare clear smoke ABS that would work for the lenses, but I can't form the bubbles for you. Feel free to shoot me your address at kchristley@gmail.com and I'll send you a sheet or two that should work for you.
  3. I think with all the correct modifications, it should be acceptable. Replacing the helmet with an MR-CE, trimming, buttons, new canvas belt, a real undersuit & boots & holster, it can work and not look so bad. I've seen worse FX and recast suits be accepted. But people should know if they go this route, it'll be a LOT more expensive in the end and a lot of modification work than if they just bought accurate armor though accepted (unlicensed 501st armorers) sources. I've been seeing a lot of folks picking up the Rubies Collectors Edition helmets, thinking they're cool and cheap then finding out the lenses are glued to the outside of the helmet when they could have picked up a slightly more accurate MR-CE for a bit more cash.
  4. We'll see if we can get it started up, but will need Det support. Kev
  5. Hopefully we can get something rolling. I know I'd kick in money towards it as he's been very good to the 501st.
  6. Last night I was speaking with honorary 501st member and Star Wars book author Kevin J. Anderson and thought it might be cool to get him a set of TK armor for display in his home and possibly wear if we can get it to fit him (he didn't think he could fit in armor, but I know he could if it was adjusted to fit correctly). His wife Rebecca Moesta (also a kids Star Wars author) said she'd love to see him kitted out in armor. If you aren't aware, he's written a ton of Star Wars novels and always requests 501st troopers at his numerous book signings across the world. He's a very big fan of the 501st Legion and has always treated us troopers well by getting us signed books whenever we troop for him. I thought it might possibly be a cool idea to see if we as a group might be interested as a potential group project and could pool together and get him a set like the Clonetrooper Detachment and UK Garrison did in putting together a wearable RC for Republic Commando author Karen Travis a few years ago. If someone in Det Leadership might be interested in heading this project up for him, I'm certain the Mountain Garrison & I could assemble it for him and deliver it as he's local to us and I'm certain he'd really appreciate the gift and I'd get lots of photos. Mull it over and let me know. I just thought it might be a potentially cool Detachment project and I know he'd think it'd be the coolest thing ever if we might be able to pull together as a group and do it for him. Kev TX-1422
  7. I'm TK/TX-1422, active in the Legion & 501st Mountain Garrison Pikes Peak Squad for 10 great years now! So how do I get my tag to show up in the forums? Anything I missed? Kev
  8. Man, I'm seriously pondering this...
  9. I recently bought the old Vac Table made by DH-P FX and have started some custom TK parts out of MDX and foam. Posted some pics in the Open Runs section before I even saw this section was here. I've tried teaming with a UK-based armorer to get the rights to do his stuff here - he sells on his site, I do the pulls, and he pays me a percentage. I figured it'd save on shipping cost from the UK and you'd get the same quality. But no dice there. So I'm making my own from scratch and showing build pics all the way. What I'd like to do is post some instructional vids showing the whole process, from how to research, plan and draft, carving blue foam or working with clay, etc. What do folks think of this? And share experiences with casting products and such. I'm also on the list for the Z18 by Makerbot, so I plan on making huge 3D prints and am slowly building a big library of weaponry and props that can be easily printed. The Z18 has a build platform of 12"x12"x18" high, so you can potentially do a TK helm in one shot for about $50 of PLA. I'll gather my pics in the AM and share. One thing I'm doing is starting to work a cast of my screen-used stunt e-11. If you know me by my lens work, you know I'm inexpensive but offer one heck of a great product at a lot lower than most others can't match. I think more propmakers would realize if you offer a great product and a very reasonable price, you sell more in the end by word of mouth. Glad to be a part of the forums and I can't wait until I'm cranking out parts and kits for folks at a decent price. Kev
  10. No probs. I'll continue to provide the lowest cost, lifetime guaranteed thick lenses to the 501st troops since 2008. I wish others would follow my lead and do it for the troops and not just for the money.
  11. Understood. Not requesting any special treatment. Just a kind request from a longtime FISD supplier.
  12. TKs are more easily accepted for official LFL events, but bear in mind you'll be competing against a lot more folks than a TD. I'd go clean until your suit starts to suffer damage, then convert to TD, but that's my opinion.
  13. If you have trouble getting replacement pieces, PM me. But honestly, please consider a "shim" piece hidden in the back or inner thigh so your armor color will match. All plastics dis-color and start to break down with age and your new replacement pieces will stand out. Simply cut the armor on a seam (that's not seen by viewers) and add a strip of ABS spacer plastic and reglue. It'll look much better than a replacement piece and you'll be able to extend the wearabiility of your current set.
  14. I've been offering affordable replacement stunt lenses here since 2008 at 50% for FISD members and was wondering if it'd be possible to get a "PINNED" in the ongoing projects section. I offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and have never had any returns. Other folks charge much more than $10... Here's a link to the sales thread... http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/2869-flat-green-or-smoke-tk-lens-run/ Thanks for your kind consideration. Kev
  15. Welcome aboard, Morten! I hope you have as much fun with your new TK as I've had in mine over the past 5 years. You'll get lots of help here if you need it. Kev
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