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  1. Looks like a good team Eric. Congratulations to you all!
  2. Hey Clint, you'll have a great trip as Seattle is gorgeous in June. You'll dig the EMP exhibit as well. I don't know of any cons or meetups we are planning during that time yet, but feel free to register on the GT boards. That way you can keep an eye on our events and maybe have an easier time connecting when you're here.
  3. Man, that ruined my day seeing that. Thanks for the warning!
  4. Go right ahead Mathias. I'm hoping these photos can help builders going forward.
  5. Thanks Paul. It's hard to tell in person with the ab buttons too as the lighting is dramatic and dim; however, I think they are all the same color. I didn't see any paint flaking off the boots. To my surprise, they looked to me like they were actually white leather. As for the shoulder straps, I couldn't capture it with a camera, but I could see that beneath the plastic straps was a texture that looked like the hook side of velcro. It also looks like that is what the shoulder bells attach to.
  6. Here is a good shot of the snaps under the shoulder straps:
  7. I took a good look at the shoulder bridge elastic from the bells to the bridges. The elastic goes from the bell to the fabric strap underneath the plastic straps.
  8. This photo doesn't capture it well, but the skinny elastic strap connecting the shoulder bell to the arm is present:
  9. I made it back this morning to take more photos.
  10. I'm with you Mark. My garrison-mates didn't even realize this was ROTJ while I'm geeking-out over the details. Most of those details have already been discovered, but the shoulder strap snap is a new one, and I couldn't wait to share.
  11. That is hard to say for certain from what I can see; however, I think it likely is how you are describing.
  12. You got it Paul. This looks like the same exact suit featured in the Star Wars Costumes book. Here is a good shot of the whole suit I grabbed from Geekwire: Here's another nice shot of the top taken from the Seattle PI:
  13. In person, it is 100% clear that it is a standard snap. In those lighting conditions, it's going to be tough to photograph it though.
  14. Yeah, it's Velcro on the back and snaps on the front. I'll see if I can determine how the bridges are attached next time I'm there.
  15. Yeah, it was definitely an Endor suit. Here are some photos: Here is the one showing the snap. Flash is not allowed, so it's not the best quality, but you can see the snap extremely well in person: I'll return when it isn't so busy and snap all kinds of better pics.
  16. I trooped the Power of Costume exhibit last night at the EMP in Seattle, and they have a screen-used Endor TK on display. I'll post some photos later, but there was one surprise: The shoulder straps were clearly attached to the chest plate using snaps. I looked for signs that Velcro had been used previously, but the weathering was consistent around the snap to the rest of the costume.
  17. Congratulations on your EIB! It's great to see another incinerator achieve this award.
  18. Looking great Paul. Gorgeous work as always.
  19. That's perfect fabric and the proper color.
  20. I know Ken, the "Elvistrooper" was recently required to eliminate the Elvistrooper from his FB name. FB is aiming toward requiring companies and organizations to pay for reach, so they are clamping-down on anything nicknames that might be a business or org disguised as a person.
  21. I look forward to seeing what you come up with Gio. Your clone boots are amazing.
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