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  1. XOXO from the XO Around the Detachment Pam Rose Interview Trooper of the Month Troop of the Month Tip of the Month XOXO from the XO It has been too long since I have used this space to blather on about how great out little corner of the Legion interwebs is. Darth Life has had me by the short hairs for the first half of 2014 and the main reason I did not run for DL for a second term. There was a moment when I tried to step down at XO but Mathias shrugged me off in his usual Swedish way. I am now back to hitting reload on the new posts page obsessively and I like what I am seeing of la
  2. In Memoriam Around the Legion Around the Detachment Notable Troops Related News Off Topic Lance Starmer, SL-2640 of the 501st Legion, passed away on the 5th of June, 2014. Lance joined the 501st in 2000 as a member of the Empire City Garrison and later found his home in the Northeast Remnant. Lance always made trooping fun. He had an infectious smile and an uncanny ability to make the folks around him laugh. No matter what kind of day a person was having, Lance could make a comment about something from out of the blue, and you couldn’t help but feel better in his presence. H
  3. In Memoriam Interview with Ryder Windham Around the Detachment Tips and Tricks Notable Troops Heidi N. Peterson, TI-1938 of 501st Legion’s Old Line Garrison, passed away on the 10th of April, 2014. A long time member of our costuming community, Heidi was well known for her creative generosity and compassion. She will be dearly missed. Those wishing to honor Heidi's memory may send donations to the Baltimore County Animal Shelter, 13800 Manor Road, Baldwin, MD, 21013. It is with great pride that we enter Heidi’s name into the 501st’s Hall of Eternal Legionnaires.
  4. apologies to all those sent to the wrong place by the Email blast. I made an error in the coding, still fairly new to that part of it also if you received multiple emails, I sorry for that as well.
  5. yes you are correct I made an error in the coding my apologies. the correct link is here http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/27144-may-newsletter/
  6. As mentioned here is the thread for the EIB Q&A from May's Newsletter. should you have a question post it and we will try to get it answered for you. IPM: What is the Expert Infantry Badge program and its vision? Daetrin: The Expert Infantry award program is captured as the second goal of our detachment charter, as I felt the program was so crucial to the detachment's success, it was imperative to write it in. To quote "2. Develop and create a higher standard of Stormtrooper costume for members to achieve and a "kudo" (e.g. deployed status) as a recognition of
  7. In Memoriam Expert Infantry Q&A Around the Detachment Troop of the Month Related News Swag Alert Scott Rose, TK-346, of the legion's Neon City Garrison, passed away on the morning of April 20, 2014. Scott, a former member of the Georgia Garrison, had once lost his home to a fire, and his 501st Family leapt into action. Donations were gathered to help Scott and his family rebuild. A new set of Stormtrooper armor was also supplied to allow Scott to troop again once his home was re-established. He never stopped trying to repay or show his appreciation for all those who had helpe
  8. there will be some mold release agent still on the plastic. Its just part of the pulling process. Make sure you wash each part before painting. I have a CAP armor set, I personally prefer HIPS over ABS but everyone has their own opinion.
  9. Kessel Run


    We are looking for people to join the IPM. photographers, correspondents, or anyone just willing to help find content for our monthly newsletter. it can be TK related or anything 501st related, If you think you might be interested in helping out please PM me and we can figure it out. if you are currently a member of the IPM thank you. if you no longer wish to be part of the IPM please PM me and we can sort that out as well. thank you
  10. sorry Tim Fixed it lol was a late night
  11. Expert Infantry is Easy Around the Detachment Troop of the Month Related News ​Just for Fun Call to arms. There are 2526 TK's in the 501st. There are 370 EI's or about 14% of the Legion TK's. There are 114 Centurions, or 4.4% of the Legion TK's, or nearly 1/3 of all EI. Our goal is to get to at least 33% of the Legion to EI, or to about 842 EI. In other words, getting EI to go Centurion is not the problem. Getting base TK's to go EI is. So our push for 2014 should be to double the EI's from 350 to 700. I mean if every EI got just one other person to go EI, that would be a
  12. Looks like your cap n back got crushed in shipping, I can say that I made Centurion with one of those kits, and Scootch has always been willing deal with me if something was wrong with a part, i think this is more likely an isolated incident. which given time will be resolved
  13. your GML will already have references available to him and he will follow the same CRL you do. you can find them here just click on the armor you are submitting
  14. From the Detachment Leader XOXO from the XO From the PRO Around the Detachment ​Just for Fun Notable Troops Hello everybody! Last month was the time of the annual elections for the whole 501st Legion, including FISD. Although I found it unexpected, it turned out that I was elected the Detachment Leader of FISD for the forthcoming 12 months. For that I am grateful, and hope to carry the torch as well as my predecessors. I have a few ideas I would like to implement during my time, most of which are still just ideas however, and will be announced at a more appropriate time. But one t
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