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  1. Mark, will you talk about that on others places (Propden, RPF,...) even if it's not especially dedicated to the stormtroopers? And as you already know I'm sorry for you :-/
  2. Thanks for your interest guys. I have to consider to make them available. I will print several set in order to be sure (yes unfortunately I have some fails). The main trouble is: what would be a decent price for a set (considering that shipping won't be cheap and only made by tracked mail).
  3. Hi guys. It's been a while since my last thread here. Been busy by others projects, personnal life, etc... you know what I mean. Props missed me so I decided to get back to an old project. By the past, I made some screen printed decals for some stormtroopers and TIE pilot helmets in the accurate way. But it was a very very long process and a little bit painfull. I improved the way to create those decals. Still not perfect (but the screen used decals weren't ^^) but I guess better. As you can see on the pics below, ESB style (which appears on ESB stunt, MKII and ROTJ V1) is different from ROTJ style (which appears on ROTJ V2, stunt and "Hero"). Shape and color. For the ESB style, I used reference pictures and close up of screen used helmet and corrected the shape since it's curved on the helmet and that I needed the shape flat. For ROTJ style, I used a resin cast of a screen used ROTJ helmet (those call Hero ROTJ) which was casted with its original decals. The blue stripes are the same for both (I used the ROTJ shape).
  4. Hey Fabien, do you still make the ESB TK helmet decals?

  5. More about the story?? https://youtu.be/GRzmayjpc1k?list=FL5aJF0lUHEzeNnKusrqUDNw (sorry it's in french) And here: http://thepropden.aokforums.com/wanna-see-where-many-star-wars-props-screen-used-ends-vt4853.html So we have one from the LFL archives, one from a private collection (the one copied by EFX Collectibles) and this one from another private collector. 3 Hero's helmets from 6 initially made. (the the doubt about the one refurbished for ESB)
  6. As the title say: I had a talk with a local plastic supplier and got a sample of an interesting plastic with a very interesting color!!! Thus I ordered some sheets and then contacted someone who would be able to vacuum form those sheets on a pro. set up. So all the credits goes to Vaj for this outstanding kit (with his very cool mic tips!!!!)
  7. Sorry guys. My PM box was empty. I cleaned it.
  8. Verne


    ESB MKII helmet were re used for ROTJ (plus the new batch of helmets done for ROTJ). They replaced the flat lenses by bubble lenses.
  9. Hello. Based on RSprop ANH stunt helmet kit (ABS). After hours and hours of sanding, reshaping, heating, sculpting, etc...and all the steps to finish a kit, here's a "RSprop" Hero helmet. Hand painted details. Green acetate bubble lenses on a single sheet. Accurate brow and neck trim. Yellow star foam padding. Chin strap with vintage snaps fasteners from Newey (unfortunately, not the same model as the original :-/) And special credits goes to Vaj for his incredible and accurate three parts mic tips!!!!
  10. We can suppose that the teeth were cut when ILM reused the MKII helmet to make some ROTJ helmet. Funny thing, it seems that they scanned an original MKII helmet for battlefront 3 and the helmet clearly shown uncut teeth (just like the Star Wars Identities helmet)
  11. I used the FISD gallery to make the comparison. Troopers with orange background appears to be screen used to me (when I noticed some weathering on them and differences from the ANOVOS display) Funny thing when comparing "regular" stormtrooper and flametrooper. Storm have a well finished ad detailled helmet (which means that we will see some close up during the movie) where Flametrooper seems to be more simple. Let see this pic in close up: http://www.originalprop.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Star-Wars-Celebration-The-Force-Awakens-Props-Costumes-Exhibit-Characters-Models-031.jpg Lines "painted" (or maybe made with a pen ^^), piece of fabric for the lens.... the time where they used acetate sheet is far far away ^^
  12. Received my sets from Vaj...just an outstanding work!!! Clean, precise, strong mic tips. Very very impressive. I recommand them, those are really accurate!
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