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  1. Since posting those pics, I have added straps to the forearms, enhanced the wound gouges on the armor, and added a bit more green to the whole thing. In addition, I have been stretching my neck New photos coming soon.
  2. I look forward to seeing what you do with those.
  3. Preliminary fitting. I still need to attach the thighs to the abdomen. I also need to play with the calves some more in the back. Then I need to put a better snap on the right side of the abdomen as the snap doesn't fasten. Otherwise, what do you guys think?
  4. All of the new CAP-W parts were glued last night so I was able to start working on decaying them today. I'm pleased with the way the bit mark is looking on the forearm so far: All those jagged edges won't be at all comfortable to wear, so I put those kids to work sanding the insides.
  5. This has been a terrific project. I'm so frustrated with my astromech build that bashing and cutting this armor is just what I've needed. Thanks for all of the encouragement guys.
  6. Today I completed the detonator and fashioned some belt clips for it from aluminum. Out of all of the costumes I've worked on, this one seems to excite my kids the most. George Romero would be proud I suppose.
  7. Received the rest of the parts from Scootch. I immediately threw them to the ground in anger to start the decaying process.
  8. Thanks for the comments everyone. I completed one of the shins. Here's the chest so far. These are chelsea boots painted white that I scored a while back. The paint was already cracking on them, so I thought they would be perfect.
  9. I'm inspired more by this guy than the exposed face images:
  10. Today I began work on some of the body pieces. The chest and back are ATA. The abdomen is FX. Kidney plate old CAP I think. Thighs, shoulders, biceps, and forearms will be CAP-W along with the thermal detonator. The shins are T/MC.
  11. One can never have enough stormtroopers, right? Anyway, I had a bunch of spare TK parts laying around so with Halloween around the corner I decided to make a Deathtrooper. I started yesterday with an RT-Mod that I wasn't using. Then I performed the obligatory bust-up. Then I started dry-brushing washes over it: black, puke green, browns, and more black... repeat Time for some blood. This is a mixture of acrylic paint and some FX coagulated blood that I had laying around.
  12. Is the goal of FISD to grow EIB so that more of our troopers LOOK fantastic, or is it for EIB to represent a difficult and possibly secret achievement?
  13. This is a minor change, but it doesn't jive with the spirit of EIB. I agree about Eric's comment regarding prop replication. This is not the RPF and we are not the Last Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment. Let's remember that discussion is a positive thing. It isn't fighting and it isn't non-productive.
  14. Do you guys think this bucket is vac-formed?
  15. Great point Tim. We don't have to sacrifice our quality standards to encourage even more vitality in the EIB program.
  16. Great point Tim. We don't have to sacrifice our quality standards to encourage even more vitality in the EIB program.
  17. I use Eastbay stuff, and the logos aren't a problem. Should your logos be visible, just color them in with a Sharpie or the like.
  18. Congratulations Tim! Our first one was hours followed by a C-section. Your wife is going to be fine. Amazingly strong those women.
  19. You could try taping it. Magnets are always useful. But yes, try trimming off the painted bits to attach and see if you have better luck.
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