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  1. You have done a really nice job with this armor. Well-done.
  2. Nice build. As thin as you are, I wonder if you should trim a little off of one side of the abdomen, just enough to eliminate the overlap between the ab and kidney plates.
  3. Well-done. I always have difficulty with this step, but your persistence has paid off.
  4. Welcome Tim. A couple of good TKs in B-Town: Kessel Run and Scootch. You are in good hands in that neck of the woods.
  5. Just know that this build thread will serve as a most useful reference for many new troopers.
  6. Welcome to the U.S. and the FISD! You will love your Hyperfirm.
  7. Such a worthwhile cause Ingrid, that I can forgive the Jedi disguise. What a great turnout! I'm envious.
  8. Welcome Russell. The TK should be a breeze after building an R2. Just make sure to use E6000 on many of your bonds vs the more permanent glues you are likely used to using for your astromech. I second what Tim said about blaster kits/blasters for sale.
  9. Small world. I'm in Tukwila. Be sure to introduce yourself on the Garrison Titan boards as well.
  10. Now that looks like fun. Keep those photos coming.
  11. Sometimes goofing can be ok, particularly if the crowd appreciates it. Too often I have seen goofing that seems oblivious to the crowd reaction. You have to know your audience.
  12. I always feel like I need a second set of hands while working on split rivets on curved plastic. This is such a beautiful and conscientious build. It's going to look amazing.
  13. Congratulations on your approval. Are you looking to build a TK?
  14. That MC kidney/ab assembly is made for a twig no doubt.
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