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  1. Got the scope sorted. It's funny to me that I couldn't see that. I only own like five E-11s.
  2. Armor = 850 Armor Works Helmet= 850 Armor Works Blaster= 3D Printed - Premier Props stl Toddo's Profile Boots: Imperial Boots Soft Parts: Jimiroquai
  3. I'm not even sure this armor is vac-formed. The details look way too sharp. I suspect these were made the same way that VII armor was made.
  4. I may be the only Skytrooper, but with fellows like you around, I'll never be lonely
  5. I have a set of Wyatt's amazing latex gaskets. Where do you guys place your seam? It doesn't look like it is in the rear in the film images, so I'm supposing it is on the inside of the leg, but I'd like to know what the rest of you recommend.
  6. My gosh, that is terrible news. I am grieved to hear of this, and I offer my condolences to her loved ones and to you Mark.
  7. Some of the aspects such as the smaller cod and flat shoe, while quite noticeable to us, will enable greater mobility than our suits tend to do. Remember that Rogie One is expected to be a much more visceral military-styled film than what we are used to seeing. People from Saving Private Ryan and Zero Dark Thirty are working on it, so we can expect some great action scenes. I'm excited to see OT-style TKs engaging in physical action. It's about time that people start thinking of TKs are BA again IMHO as opposed to the clownish buffoons we see in Rebels.
  8. Watching the flick today for the fourth time, I noticed a nice surprise. The Resistance transport ship has a couple of large laser blasters built onto the side. There is a wide shot from the side showing Leia talking to Han on Tokodana. In the forefront of this shot is a jumbo-sized E-11 barrel hidden in plain sight. I don't yet have a photo, but watch for it. You guys are going to love it.
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