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  1. The armor for stunt and hero is the same, so no advantage there.
  2. Yes, sir http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/20260-tk-8981-requesting-anh-stunt-centurion-status43ata/
  3. And it also misses the black stripes in the tear and trap sections
  4. Jep, they are selling the AM armor together with the NE helmet, seems to be the original makers. But there are also photos of the "old" NE set.
  5. Good job! Just keep it slow, step by step, measure twice, cut once
  6. Halleluja I say! Great newsletter AND great news
  7. Looks good so far! I would trim all of the return edge from the bottom, as it will cause armor bites at your elbows most likely. Keep it coming!
  8. Welcome Tom! First of all it depends on your height, weight and proportions which armor to consider. AM and RT-MOD are for the bigger trooper, AP is more for the smaller build (but can be modified for bigger troopers) The rest of the armor fits the "average" trooper, 1,75m -1,85m, 70-90kg I would say (but this is no law, there is always room for modifications). Then it comes to your budget - what are you willing to pay? The ATA (affordable trooper armor) set costs around $600, TM and RS are a decent lot more, but beeing more accurate. And the assembly... well, this is no rocket sience, there are so many builds and tutorials here on FISD and we as a community will help you with any question you have. I would say that everybody can do this. The pre build armor is offered by TM and RS, but comes at a higher price, for RS around 2k. I found it very satisfactory to build my own armor, something to be proud of, although I understand those who are not able or willing to do this. In the end it is up to you, don´t hesitate to ask questions ;-) p.s.: very good thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/
  9. Apart from this thread beeing the wrong place to ask this question, approval could become difficult as there is this big seam on the front. Basic approval could be possible, but no way for EIB or Centurion. Just look for TKboots on google or chelsea boots (need to be painted white) on ebay. Not an expensive change, but one that really would improve your look.
  10. Another armor manufacturer in Germany on his way to the top? ;-)
  11. Return edge at the bicep will only cause "armor bites" areas where the armor damages your skin. I would remove it or just leave a very small return edge
  12. I would say go for the groove. Looks right to me. But keep in mind - measure twice, cut once and if in doubt, cut less
  13. I see the pic, but I don't see which side of the back is shown. The best way to get the return edges right is to look in the photo reference section at original suits. Especially the RS pictures helped me fantastically ;-) give it a try
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