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The Leia Leveller - A Mr. No-Stripes E11 Recreation - Warmachine/Blaster Factory & BlastFX


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Such a beaut. I’m not sure I’d be able to disassemble for electronics. Next time you’re at a con you need to get a close up while re-enacting that Princess escort shot. Flanking TKs with the previously leveled Leia shoulder in the foreground.

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I'm 30 weeks into my 12 week wait for the BlastFX kit... not that I'm impatient. Just really really thought I'd have it by now. Alas.


Anyways, I've trooped twice with the Leia Leveller and it has one problem.


It hangs TERRIBLY in the holster.  It's not nearly this bad with my leg in the way, but it still pokes out a lot. It's unpleasant.



In contrast, my (well, like 50% at this point) resin Quest Design hangs like this. It's fine. Good weight and it doesn't poke out.


The QD has the original metal folding stock from Joseph, a hollowed out barrel for the little blinky light and some sound, and the metal Blaster Factory grip and trigger. In contrast, the Blaster Factory E11 is as it came aside from paint and the real Hengstler. The weight and weight distribution is unchanged from the factory spec.



So I got this - another genuine Stirling folding stock from Joseph. :smiley-sw013: My thought was that it would add more weight to the nose and help the blaster hang better. The Blaster Factory stock is aluminum and doesn't weigh much at all. The Stirling stock weighs a good bit.



They're almost identically sized. A slight different bulge or bend here and there, but the bolts line up. I was able to use the original Blaster Factory screws and spacers (seen at the top) to mount the OG stock.



And here it is! Looks pretty much identical huh? I was prepared to file, dremel, cut, and slice to make this work but no work was required. Uninstall one, reinstall the other. I also swapped over the greeblies.



And now it hangs like this. It's not perfect but it's WAAAYYYY better and doesn't poke out during troops. The extra couple pounds of weight also feels nice in the hand.



The folding stock still folds nice and interfaces where it should with the cap. It doesn't snap in, but it doesn't flop around either. I could bend this a bit more and make the fit tighter, but I hardly ever fold it and don't want to affect how it mounts otherwise, so I'm leaving it. This mod was a slam dunk anyway.


Maybe 2023 will see this blaster having some electronics...



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