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MIMBAN TK CRL/Research Discussion thread.


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This thread is for all research/CRL ideas to be discussed.


I know the only reference image we have is of the lego figure, but this thread is reserved for all the live action images and research we'll be getting this year :) 


Something tells me this is going to be a R1TK with a different paint job and..... a CAPE!!!


CRL Components:























































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The Patrol Trooper looks like a bridge from Phase 2 Clone to the OT TK so I think it is unlikely, but IF old school TKs are in Solo I would assume they would be closer to the R1TK (there’s always the chance they made tweaks as they seem to do in every SW film).

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Aye it'll most likely be an R1 with tweaks. I wonder if that is a camo style paint job...or if this guy is just filthy? Base colour looks grey/silver? And cape..hmm. It might not be a cape as such...Lego has used a cape piece before in place of cloaks,ponchos and robes. Jawa/jedi figs often used one.

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Another thing to consider is that so far, it looks just like a standard TK just painted grey, has either cammo paint job or heavy weathering with a cape. One of the things that'd be important to discuss is whether this should go to FISD or MEPD. I think FISD because of the above points. It looks generic, because the tk doesn't have a specific name, just a general classification. 


This is still pretty early unfortunately, so unfortunately this'll slow down the discussion until we can have something more definitive besides a lego mini figure. 

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Normally TK goes on first letter from movie titles TK - ANH, TK - ESB and so on, so Solo would probably be TK - S


There is weathering on helmet and chest so if it's dirty you know where it will end up ;) 


There isn't a lot of differences in Lego Stormtroopers so I wouldn't be taking too many details from these, can't wait for some screen images.

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Never understood that logic personally. CRL updates would be so much easier if all the shared suits were in the same detachment.


Either way this probably doesn’t end up in FISD if it’s dirty or a recolor, sounds like.

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10 hours ago, Morgul702 said:

I honestly think there should be dirty and clean variants.

Would this not 100% hinge on whats shown on screen? (I've not found time to watch the trailers yet so clean ones may be a thing).

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Looks like the helmet is slightly different to the standard TK, the one on the left appears to have a Blast Shield similar to a Shoretrooper.




They're found on Mimban which is desciribed as a "Swamp Planet", the same place as the Mudtrooper so I'd be willing to bet that it is dirt rather than camouflage.  In which case these guys will going to the MEPD.

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MEPD is starting work on the CRL for this. Now we know there are variants as well, some with packs, some with pauldrons, some with both, some with capes/ponchos. All with the new blast shield bucket, and R1 armor. It will likely be based on our Crystal Patrol CRL (finished but no CRL model yet) with some new additions. 

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Oh that last photo is beyond pretty.... love the sun flair!


Interested to see that blast shield as well, patiently waiting for the Hot Toy to get released so we have some morehigh res images...

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