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  1. I do believe the Bapty blaster was used by Stormtroopers on the Death Star, I don't have any screen grabs at the moment but I can find them. The bapty was used in the pre production photoshoots, you can see it as the E-11 being held by Han and Leia. There is a great blaster building Facebook group dedicated to the Bapty blasters (the E-11 and the Dlt-19). Cool history and unique props. https://www.facebook.com/groups/801444749866194/
  2. Also. For some of the FM parts that I already assembled, I may disassemble them just to show you how they go together.
  3. I just picked up on of @fieldmarshall's new all aluminum blaster kits. This is a thing of beauty. Since I'm building my new Bapty out of this kit I have some (a lot) of parts left over. Luckily I just so happen to have an unfinished Doopy kit so I will be using my unused parts from the FM kit on the DD kit. First up, the Tunisian "Bapty" E-11 (Sandtrooper Blaster) I got these wonderful cast aluminum parts from @bigwam. The grip and rear end of the blaster will be solid aluminum. Need to do some finishing work on these but I am so excited to have a Bapty made with real cast metal parts. To go along with it I have a real magazine. A great replica Hengstler (courtesy of Field Marshal again). A real Sterling folding stock. and a real 1942 M38 scope. Got a lot of mods ahead of me on this one. But I'm excited to have a fully metal Bapty build. Hard to get in the states without re assembling a cut up Sterling. Next up, the standard E-11 This is a blend of the rest of the Fieldmarshall parts and the Doopy kit. As much as I would like to, I doubt ill be able to get the bolt to fit in this thing sadly, same with the barrel, so I will probably be selling those parts off. Keep an eye out if interested. I am super impressed by the kit. It is super fun to put these parts together, the folding stock and grip/trigger were so much fun to build. The grip details are insane. And it came with switches and whatnot to put electronics in it. This second kit should pull together much faster than the Bapty. But this will probably be my new main trooping blaster. The Bapty will be on display in my Sandy shrine lol. I'm excited to start these builds fast so I can get to my favorite part, the weathering. Thanks to Fieldmarshall for such a cool kit, sorry I'm splitting it up, I know some are probably thinking I'm crazy of doing it this way, but Sandy's are my first love and I'm going to uber accurate on that blaster.
  4. Looking good troop! You don't need to be 100% at centurion level. Basic approval is fine. We just need to picture to publish the CRL. Should you upgrade you can go Centurion with FISD and PO or SWAT with us and we can update the photo accordingly! Just slap a pack on ya!
  5. This may also interest someone who is going for the Mimban trooper from Solo. These share some items, mostly armor and a variation on the crystal patrol pack. CRL research and planning here: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/15613-solo-mimban-trooper-crl-development/
  6. MEPD is starting work on the CRL for this. Now we know there are variants as well, some with packs, some with pauldrons, some with both, some with capes/ponchos. All with the new blast shield bucket, and R1 armor. It will likely be based on our Crystal Patrol CRL (finished but no CRL model yet) with some new additions.
  7. Very exciting, as I already said on MEPD. Watching with great interest!
  8. This is great man! You should cross post this over at MEPD as well!
  9. -------------- The MEPD is in need of someone with R1 Armor, the Crystal Patrol pack and a pauldron who may want to step in and be the CRL model! The Crystal Patrol Troops home will be the MEPD and we would love to get this CRL in the books. We recently published the R1 Jedha Sandtrooper CRL. http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TD_R1_Jedha_Sandtrooper Feel free to reach out to me or @Dutchy here or on the MEPD forums.
  10. Materials would cost quite about the same honestly, unless if you buy from leather scraps usually sold at leather supply stores, and even then you may be able to just come in under the price. I don't think you'd save too much. The ones Joseph is linking to is pretty easy to mod, and a very good price. Also Blaster 8266 sells very very high quality handmade pouches that pass SWAT levels at MEPD. They are a bit more expensive, but very durable and very high quality. http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/10805-fs-6-styles-of-swat-grade-leather-and-canvas-ammo-pouches-ongoing-run/
  11. I am printing the same thing! I will have to see how you dealt with the stability which was my concern as well.
  12. I would also ask @justjoseph63 he is your guide to all things HWT!
  13. Yup Thats correct. Lucasfim is usually pretty loose when naming troopers, to them everything is a Stormtrooper haha. As far as the 501st goes, both packs for this trooper will be in one CRL on MEPD. With options for both packs in the CRL (like how it is with the ANH Sandtrooper packs). This is the plan for now, but may change once we get things finalized.
  14. I think the main difference is really the packs. There may be some differences in weathering but its all the same armor. I think maybe the one with the smaller TD-like pack has more pauldron options? Maybe? I am not sure. We have a few build threads for both of these pack over at the MEPD (thats where these trooper will be living) our CRL is in progress. We are in search of a CRL model to finalize them.
  15. I have an ATA bucket, its great, has a bumpy cap, works well, but is super tight fit for my giant melon. I used to use an Anovos bucket, which was perfect size-wise but I didn't like how it was made, and I want the bumpy cap details and a less sharp pull. I am looking for a kit I can build myself that has everything I love about my ATA but the size of the Anovos bucket. Any suggestions?
  16. Hey troops! We wanted to reach out again to see if anyone is interested in becoming the CRL model for us! The MEPD will be home to the R1 Kyber Crystal Patrol and the Jedah patrol troopers. We are looking for someone who has either pack (Kyber pack or R1 Sandtrooper pack), a R1 pauldron, any color, and completed R1 armor and is willing to weather it a bit Not only would you be the model for the CRL page, but you would be able to join another detachment! The MEPD is growing and changing, we are bringing in 4 new costumes to add to our CRLs this year. We have some build threads started and hope to see many more over the next few months. Feel free to come by anytime and chat! We are super excited to set up new "precincts" across the galaxy. Thanks everyone! Hope to see you in the sand pit!
  17. I have seen shoe polish, charcoal, makeup, and all sorts of stuff to lightly weather HWTs. I think the charcoal (the kind you draw with, not the kind you cook with) looks best and most natural. I am sure HWTs might have more insight on this. ...or you could use go full dirty with tan, brown, black acrylics and some fullers earth and be a sandy!! Lol. *rides dewback into sunset chanting "one of us, one of us"*
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