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  1. Did you get approved with the new "game accurate version" in the end?
  2. Amazing work. Question for those with more experience: If I print the game accurate versions will I run into problems with approval as they dont exactly match the example pictured on the crl? I know the crl is worded that it should "closely match the reference pictures".
  3. I need to scale my boxes too for my slightly smaller oil pan (and my slightly smaller body) so 3d printing is a great solution. I'd love to try these out.
  4. I am just starting to source the parts to build a pack. The oil pan that seems to be favoured here isn’t available here in Australia. I have found this one though: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F372908773737 Now obviously the handle and spout on the bottom would have to be removed and any resulting holes filled. Would the slightly rounded bottom that would leave me with be any problem?
  5. Hi Alex. I think it was me who 1st gave you the bad news over on the MEPD forums (I'm an approved Mimban myself). One other option not mentioned yet: the person who you got this from sold it to you as something that you will get approved as a mimban and that it was used at the premier. This is clearly not true and constitutes false advertising. My 1st port of call would be to the seller to ask for my money back (especially as the guy is a supposed approved seller).
  6. I have my BBB full of Walt's finest ready to go (after I've finished another project ahead of it in the queue). This is a great reference and I'm sure I'll be coming back to it a lot. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
  7. I’d really like to add this pack to my R1 armour when it’s finished, however I’m aware that as I’m only 5’6” it might not be an option. On the screen used troopers the pack came from just above the TD to around the middle of the helmet and was about shoulder width. I’m concerned that on me it will look way too big. what are the measurements of the pack (height and width)?
  8. Or you can contact him through Facebook also.
  9. Ah. That's what i couldn't see properly on the pic. All good.
  10. I can't see properly on your pic but did you fill the round hole behind the right hand shoulder? That is supposed to be there.
  11. I think I’m missing something. Where is the baton in this pic?
  12. So after all the Mimban troopers and Mud troopers we finally have an image of a TK from the Solo movie. Looks like it is exactly the same as Rogue One, which makes sense. If that does prove to be the case should the Rogue One TK crl be renamed to something not specific to one movie?
  13. We all started off as noobs Before doing this I’d made my scout armour but this was a whole new challenge and I definitely made my share of mistakes but Jim’s fibreglass is forgiving. It is quite daunting but as another poster on here said : there’s only one way to eat an elephant, 1 bite at a time. You start with the smaller, simpler parts and build your techniques and confidence.
  14. Pretty much any armour for any type of stormtrooper will require some amount of building. At present there is only 1 maker of Rogue One armour and that requires both building and painting. But isn't that the fun?
  15. Looks like the helmet is slightly different to the standard TK, the one on the left appears to have a Blast Shield similar to a Shoretrooper. They're found on Mimban which is desciribed as a "Swamp Planet", the same place as the Mudtrooper so I'd be willing to bet that it is dirt rather than camouflage. In which case these guys will going to the MEPD.
  16. A few pages back on this thread the option of weathering was bought up since every TK on screen is weathered to some degree, even those not wearing packs. Is this an option that needs to be formalised in the crl (as is the case with shoretroopers or tankers) or something more unofficial and at your GML's discretion?
  17. But this is the crl for a *Rogue One TK* not a generic TK. If you don't see it on screen it shouldn't be in the crl that is the "canon thing"
  18. The holster (under optional) should be removed, no Rogue One TKs had them.
  19. I also forgot to post pics of how I close the ab / kidney armour (or, as I've come to call it: the girdle). I have 2 elastic strips with velcro on either end which can hold it together while having enough stretch to allow me to put it on back to front and then shuffle it round my body until the front is at the front. I then have a small piece of elastic to line it up correctly. Lastly I bought 2 pairs of rare earth magnets attaching one inside the armour and the other inside the back plate. This hold the back plate on and also holds the grirdle together nicely. It's also a lot easier than velcro, I could almost just throw the back plate over my shoulder and it'll snap into exactly the right place.
  20. That's pretty similar to how mine is looking. Ive got velcro on some pieces of elastic which allow me to put it on back to front and then it stretches enough to let me push it round. I've then put a small piece of velcro at the bottom to keep it inline. Lastly two pairs of rare earth magnets, one pair glued to the back plate which will connect to the other pair glued inside the ab / kidney. I'll take some pics tonight.
  21. This is something Im trying to figure out too. I was thinking about attaching it with magnets so I could put it on myself when dressing. On that subject, how are you closing the kidney / ab section at the back?
  22. Ok, I can see a little clearer, kind of. My question still stands though: why would this crl include such an obscure detail when there is no precedent with other very similar costumes?
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