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  1. Damn, thisis awesome. What do we R1TK's gotta do to get our suits in these shows??
  2. Still waiting for screenshots of said 501st scene...
  3. Another side note: The ribbed section of the undersuit has extended to the thighs, versus just the knee gaskets and ribbed shirt of the R1TK.
  4. So what're you, like a career TK extra? I think every time there's more TK's in these shows, you have more info? I'll give you some death sticks to inform us
  5. Holster shots (all photos below from Jim Hall). As a side note, I'm liking the weathering direction they're going with these. Blaster without flashlight. Looking at the rail it reminds me of the Hyperfirm blasters. Side note: Weathering variances above and below. Notice below the black weather scuffs all over the raised sections of the chest and shoulder bell.
  6. Aye, was looking at various other screenshots and all their abdomens are exactly the same way. Not to mention their holsters, and their e-11's no longer possessing flashlights now make this a unique variant of the Anthology TK.
  7. We'll see. It seems rather odd that the "buttons" on the TD are specifically singled out red sections? On another note, I noticed the abdominal box "square" no longer has the window section inside it. Photo from Jim Hall: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=560926212357428&set=oa.1243696676165600 R1: (as a side note this paint scheme is inacurrate. The window square button isn't blue, from everything I've seen it appears a dark green like the helmet lens.)
  8. So someone over at New Generation Stormtroopers fb group posted this Anthology TK from the Kenobi exhibit at Celebration (phew, that was a mouthful). Apparantly red marks on the TD? Photo taken by Justin Reed.
  9. This is getting a little messy in the thread. These aren’t the Anthology tk’s, they’re for Disney Parks. They use them for premieres, including the premiere of R1. cant use these in the CRL lol!
  10. Better shots of the holster released today. It looks like they aren't riveted, but rather are the loop-on holsters.
  11. To further add fuel to the fire, here's a BTS pic from the Imperial HQ in Solo. Notice to the far right is another E22 leaning against a crystal patrol backpack. If I recall, no shoretroopers are in this scene in the film.
  12. I would like to propose the following OPTIONAL blaster for the CRL: Since this is the same trooper used for both The Mandalorian and Solo, I believe there should be some optional accessories from those that can be chosen from as well. Shown here are stormtroopers in the Mandalorian armed with E-22B blasters, typically used more for Shoretroopers, but as you can see TK's have them as well. Also of note is this Hot Toys commander with the same blaster: I propose we use the blaster requirements from the Shoretrooper CRL, and simply copy and paste for now unless a clearer distinction is found.
  13. Curiosity question: The ANH blasters had a visible recoil spring in the slide channel, whereas the R1 blasters had a simpler designed spring. It appeared as more of a curved steel piece. Now that being said, the R1 blasters don't actually have that since they're injection molded rubber/or resin, but the CRL allows for flexibility on the types of E11 base used. Am I correct in stating that if an E11 had the recoil spring present from ANH, that it'd be allowed? Or is that more of a grey area to venture to? The spring isn't mentioned in there, and considering we allow the Airsoft spring to be present on a prop with a non-hallowed out slide groove, then I'd say it'd be at least a possibility?
  14. Wait, I know they did that on the Mandalorian, but they got 501st members for Kenobi as well???
  15. Ah, they're actually using Rogue One/Anthology TK's, we have a CRL for them already But yess! I've been looking for an excuse to carry a holster, now I do
  16. Also, either they have holsters now, or the riot baton from R1 and Battlefront II has returned...
  17. I couldn't help but spot a muddy Anthology trooper...
  18. That's absolutely FANTASTIC news!!! Super congratz, and here's to a LONG future of trooping
  19. From one BS modder to another (that didn't sound right...), "we will watch your [thread] with great interest."
  20. What about the Battlefront II reference? As lazy as it is to use a TLJ model instead of a TFA, that means that because it's officially in the TFA timeframe, that the TLJ buckets are part of that era. And respectfully, we were never given a reference of Captain Cardinal's helmet in the official novel artwork.
  21. Technically, Lucasfilm says otherwise through their toys (which we have made CRL's dedicated to toys before). Another thing to note is while the rest of the armor on the book cover shows it's TFA, we are never shown the helmet. Also keep in mind that the EA game Battlefront II utilizes TLJ troopers in their cutscenes that takes place BEFORE TFA, thereby making TLJ TK's canon before TFA.
  22. Haha, cool. If you look at different pics in R1, it's actually real funny because the cut of the thighs varies. Some are flat-cropped, while others are like the above photo. You can especially see this in the K2-SO hallway shootout before he throws the TK's around.
  23. Closer look. Looks like the speaker ain't so hidden after all. You'll find it in the black pin-stripe along the back, but honestly it's a matt finish, so electric tape should cover that up after some filler.
  24. The photos of the BS are broken links, could you update that so we have a clearer picture (no pun intended)? From everything I'm seeing, this should be a basic L1 passable TLJ helmet with no mods. Even the tiny little line around the aerator shouldn't be an issue, but definitely for L2 and L3 it should be changed. In addition, for higher tiers I think whatever color the rest of the armor is, needs to match almost perfectly with the red on this bucket. BS helmets have a tendency of having a "off" shade to their colors (such as with the R1TK), and always make it difficult to match perfectly with the rest of the armor. So a total repaint is potentially in order. The clips? Do you mean the trap-greeblies? I'm not seeing any issues there either. I am noticing the tube stripes are NOT totally hollow. If you look at the underside photo of the BS, only 3 stripes on each side are hollow, while the rest are covered by the interior plastic shell. This I highly believe should be modded as well. However, it's probably worth mentioning that I have no idea how dark the lenses will be when they're finally shipped out, so they MAY or MAY NOT be too clear, and easy to see the wearer's eyes inside. This tends to be a huge issue with any commercial bucket, the lenses are too clear from the outside.
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