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  1. Good afternoon everybody! Last Tuesday was my BBB Day! So first things first I did an inspection of all the goods and unfortunately the bucket didn't make it so well. so after talking to Jimi, gonna get another one sent this way. I continued on to washing all of the armor. After drying I stowed everything. Thought this would be a good time to test the undersuit. I feel slightly exposed. Had to do some work stuff the last few days. But today Is started to work with the armor proper. and I'm currently plastidipping the inside. to coat the extra fiberglass fibers. I think that's all for now! Can't wait do get this bad boy done! Edit: Fixed pictures.
  2. Everything I have found looks like its a belt with a garter system, with a cloth around the leg straps.
  3. Has any of us looking into the thigh rigging system?
  4. Aye, Thanks mate!
  5. Hey Man, I here your the person to talk to about getting gasket for ROTJ Armor.

    1. spider__32


      me equivoque 



  6. Hey everyone! I'm going to be converting my old Anovos ANH TK into a ROTJ, then eventual, into a Shock Trooper. I know there are some base stuff to do, like blacken the frown, get bubble lens, etc. Right now the biggest thing I am struggling with is getting the gasket trim. Does anybody know a good source for it? Thanks!
  7. Just made the down payment to Jim, do you want to add me now or later when its BBB day?
  8. BBB day was Nov 29 2018, approved on or around Dec 24 2018.
  9. Vader's Wingman from south FL has a completed Jimi TK
  10. Welp, we got a action figure today. Looks easy enough, its a R1 TK with a black cloth cloak. I honestly think there should be dirty and clean variants.
  11. you can kinda see how the whole lower area is assembled in this picture.
  12. I do see it on the OTTKs, but still not seeing on the R1's. It would not make much sense if the made everything symmetrical again, and didn't adjust that. However it depends on how they sculpted the buckets if that is still there.
  13. In the visual guide to R1 there is a few good images that show how the thighs are connected. From the outward most belt boxes there appears to be adjustable straps that run down the legs.
  14. Do we know whats up with the weird hook on the bicep piece just under the shoulder bell. Its even on the Hot Toy TKs
  15. I keep on seeing this thing about a bump under the right eye, but I have yet to actually see this bump. I've gone through as many image as I can and all I see is the natural shape of the bucket coming from the tears, and that's on classic TK's
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