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  1. I like the latest round above (on page 2)!
  2. ^That's interesting. One has a brow and the other doesn't. I originally got excited because I'm thinking of how I'll have a great costume to turn my TK into once it is more worn since I already have black boots for my shadow stormtrooper, but it looks like R1 armor based. Since it is dirty and probably going to be on the way to MEPD I wonder if they'll do like the Magma Trooper - Battlefront and allow ANH/ESB/ROTJ armor for basic and R1 for higher tier.
  3. Good to see! Also great to see all of the suggestions in here for those in the future since it seems we've had a wide variety of cleaners and solutions used to test.
  4. Oh look, a costume you can sit down in! Obviously won't be FISD then haha ...I kid, I kid.
  5. Ooo mine is still in pending but I can go thru the Legion web if that is easier? I know we all have lives outside of this group
  6. Hiya and welcome to the boards here!
  7. Awesome! We'll get you all setup through armor parties and whatnot!
  8. Hello! Which side of the state are you on?! 70th Explorers have both sides of MO covered, Firehawk Squad KC into Kansas and Gateway Squad in STL. I know we have some FOTK's in ours but not sure if we have any TLJ ones yet, at least on the STL side. Welcome!
  9. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  10. Welcome and have fun during your build! Nice display cases, figures, and helmets!
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