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Lego E-11

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After seeing a trooper make a super basic rubbish looking blaster at an interstate Brick Expo, I got inspired to make my own for our upcoming Expo. Of course, I had to make it as accurate as possible (with the pieces I had or knew of at least)

A few rough sketches and part builds, I ordered a random bunch of black lego
And started putting bits together. Started with a strong technic section in the middle as a base
Lots of black angle bits make a barrel
More make a handle
And more black bits make a scope
Which gives me this as a base to start the details
After getting the basic shape and design done, I then had to rip it all apart to work our where and how to add the details.
Front muzzle
Muzzle and front sight
Rear 'D' Ring
And adding those little hinge things to support the T-tracks into the main barrell
Bayonet lug
T-Tracks. Still not sure whether I go dots on top, or swap all of them over to flats. Going to need to order more flat pieces if I go that way
And Scope rails (sorry, crappy pic. I'll get a better one later)
Any tips or suggestions from any pro-lego builder is always appreciated smile.png
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Thanks everyone. More pics soon.....



That's awesome! Make sure you put some orange lego on the muzzle, so folks don't think it's a real firearm :D


Good idea. Can never be too sure.


Very creative.  I used to make blasters out of Lego when I was a kid, but they were always multi-colored.  Very cool work!


Don't worry, my half built prototype was multicoloured too until I ordered all the extra black pieces from lego.com

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Trigger. Decided to go NO moving parts for simplicity and strength 

Hengstler Counter
Magazine and Power Cylinders (not super happy with the hinge set up between housing and magazine at the moment. Will look at changing that)
Better view of the T-Tracks. Still to decide on flat vs dots
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That is amazing.  It must be nice to have a talent.


LOL, I'll let you know when I meet someone like that. It is nice to have a decent 1:1 E-11 beside me to match scale and placement as much as possible though :)

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Thanks guys.


Yeah, I think I'll order some flat pieces. Looks better to me too.



Another crazy project from the man down under ;)  Great work, Ian. Always loving to follow your inspiring builds.


Thanks buddy. Always looking to do something different :)

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Any chance you could give us a parts list and detailed build instructions when your finished?


TBH, probably not. A lot of the build has just been using whatever bits I had around the house. If I were to order every bit new, I would probably do it totally different. Little things like using a 12dot piece instead of a 6dot, 4dot and 2dot, cause that's all I had. I have taken and will take some more photos though so anyone can see the basics of how it went together.

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This is simply incredible.


The time and love to detail that is going into this is remarkable and inspiring.


I agree in Shea in hopes we could obtain a list of parts you used for us to maybe give it a go one day. :) keep it up. I can't wait to see it finished.


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A few more pics and progress.


Trigger, Trigger guard and selector switch (3 hole technic pieces in the main body are to mount the Magazine and Counter.




Rear sight, end cap release and D-Ring




And Folding stock




The stock could certainly be improved, but good enough for now.


Completed pics next...

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I will be ordering some flat pieces for the T-Tracks, but apart from that, I'm calling it done.

Now to work out what bits I need to glue (Shhhh), so it doesn't fall apart in my hands smile.png
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