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  1. wow, amazing.. how the hell can I get this into Australia!?
  2. Nerve racking work for sure.. Excellent outcome.. Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  3. I can see some nice detail coming out in this build :).. Watching..
  4. wow..............................!!!
  5. Thanks Mate, that build seems such a long time ago... Am loving all the great new tweaks and build techniques in all the latest builds!
  6. Well done Dan, a great looking blaster! And done in record time too! - I love blaster builds!
  7. Excellent build so far Jesse, can't believe I missed this one.. following now!
  8. I have a replica one that I bought from Blue Snagletooth about a year or so ago.. I have since upgraded. PM if you aer interested.
  9. Hey Chris, I just got my replacement cheese-head scope screws for my M38. Fantastic work mate, I have been looking for replacements for a few years now! They look perfect! Cheers Bryn
  10. Great build so far Jesse! And I also love the digging out the tiny spaces where the t-tracks go in! Following
  11. Thanks Tennant, It has been a while since i completed this, glad that my build is still getting a few views..
  12. Hey there Dan, I will have a look for you.. Have a look at the pic's on my gallery for how i did the bolt etc.. Really it was cosmetic on the outside (ejector port) and I used a marker shoved into a PVC pipe that came with TJ's completion set.. I finished both the outside and the bolt with a flat piece of plastic shaped and glued on.. http://sla73.imgur.com/all/#7 Here is a pic before I painted the barrel/ PVC pipe.. http://i.imgur.com/OQiABnG.jpg Cheers Bryn
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