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  1. Thanks chaps. A bit of a daft mistake but all part of the process. At least it will be an area that will be covered. @joseph, will e6000 be fine for glueing down the scrap ABS? Also, I’m assuming I’ll glue this on top of the hole? Sent from The Empire
  2. It was going so well…and then I had to remove a rivet. Basically as I started to drill out the rivet (I just needed to reposition the right side) and as I did this I didn’t notice the actual rivet was turning and making an even larger hole *sigh*. No panic though, at least it’s an area that will eventually be covered by the ear pieces. My initial thought was ABS paste but wanted to check if there were any other suggestions. Sent from The Empire
  3. Not a problem. I have a troop this weekend so will get some photos to you then. I think one thing that you’ll need to consider is maintaining the overall shape of the rear thigh, as well as keeping this as even as possible on both the left and right. This was one of the reasons I didn’t do it myself in my case. Plenty of helping hands on here though to help you. Sent from The Empire
  4. Hi Colin, they removed only a centimetre or so from the rear of the thigh (so as not to increase the gap too much as Joseph mentioned). The return edge was removed as a result but kept at the front. They did a great job.
  5. Moving onto trimming down the eyes. From reference photos I’ve indicated where I think the trim line should be on each eye. What doesn’t come across is the ‘bump’ on the lower right eye, which I will ensure is there for accuracy. Please could you let me know if I have my trim lines in the right place. Thanks all. Sent from The Empire
  6. Thanks guys. As I thought, makes sense to follow the video for the particular helmet. Already noted the position of the ears but thanks for reaffirming all the same. Here is a progress picture. Just it the process of filing out the teeth. I’d like to draw your attention to the second tooth from the left. It looks a little wider than the others after sanding down the recess area. Is this likely to be the helmet itself or have I made a mistake? Sent from The Empire
  7. Hi all, I’ve started the helmet this weekend and so far done some basic trimming of the face/back plates (nothing worthy of progress photos yet). Before I head into the assembly part, I’ve looked at some of the build threads above which have been really useful. Equally useful are the video tutorials and wanted to ask which of these would be a good one to follow. RS helmet tutorials (in episodes) TK lid build Logic tells me to follow the RS tutorial (it is an RS lid afterall) but I do like the way TK uses magnets to hold the 2 parts in place while he adds the rivets. So my questions are: Will following different parts of the tutorials in each of the videos affect the build? (e.g. using magnets in TK’s method as opposed to the RS method) Is it better to just follow the RS tutorial as this is specific to the lid I’m building Thanks folks.
  8. Got the mods done today and feels so much better. Thanks everyone for your advice and suggestions with this.
  9. So it begins… I picked up my Brown Box from RS this afternoon and can’t wait to get started. To ease me into the build, I’m going to start by cutting out the eyes and teeth. For this I was going to use craft knives and needle files. I’ll be sure to measure twice (or in my case probably 20 times) and cut once. Any advice for cutting the eyes and teeth to get me started? Thanks, Tim Sent from The Empire
  10. Quick update on this. I’m picking up my ESB helmet from RS on Friday. While I’m there they’ve kindly offered to make the above adjustments (better them than me saying as they built it). Hopefully we can find a balance with how much to trim off without making the gap too large.
  11. Troop #1 4/9/2021 - Darwen Rotary Club Family Fundraising Day. My induction troop and what a blast. Great fellow troopers, great weather, great people and all for great causes and charities. What a way to get started. Here is a selection of images from the day. I’m the short one (cue quote)… Sent from The Empire
  12. Really helpful again, Joseph. Thanks [emoji106] Sent from The Empire
  13. As always, super helpful. Thanks fellas. Here are a couple of images from my original approval photos which show how close the thigh armour is to the butt when they’re pulled right up. These inevitably overlap and click when I walk. Although moving them down is comfortable at first, I get the issues mentioned after longer periods of movement/wearing. Hopefully these photos will help further. Let me know if you need anymore. Sent from The Empire
  14. Hi folks, I did my first troop yesterday (who-hoo) which highlighted an issue with my thigh armour which didn’t present itself until I was in the armour for a longer period. I’m 5’7” so on the shorter side as far as stormtroopers go. When I’ve been taking my photos for approval and my EIB, although the armour sits nicely whilst doing minimal movement, I found that walking around for the longer periods inevitably caused the armour to shift and start to drop/overlap over my shin armour. To compensate, I pulled my waist belt holding the thigh armour higher and tightened it but this presented a second problem, the thigh armour then overlaps with the posterior/cod piece (and some pinching). I think the solution is to take a little off the top of the thigh armour (I’ve drawn a line on the image below to show what I mean) but wanted to… 1. Check if this is the best solution 2. Check if this will affect my approval/EIB I don’t think I need to take off much but I do feel it will give me more mobility and stop the shin and thighs clipping against each other. Thanks all. Sent from The Empire
  15. If my first build is anywhere near this standard, I’ll be a very happy man. Awesome work, Glen. The armour is beautiful
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