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  1. Slightly off topic but here is a thread around different responses for trooping that maybe useful.
  2. I’m comfortable doing an accent so that part doesn’t bother me too much. I agree with Dan in the sense that if you’re confident enough to master the voice and learn the quotes, I think it makes for more tailored interactions. I’m sure the preloaded clips will still have their place on certain troops though. Thanks for the suggestions on this. I’ll probably go with the standard remote option. I think this will serve the purposes I’ll be using it for. Sent from The Empire
  3. Thanks, Marc. Where do you place your remote?
  4. Hi all, Apologies if this has been answered on a separate thread. I’ve searched the forum and struggled to find an answer so it must be hidden deep in the Galaxy somewhere. I’m about to order the TRamp and wondering whether to get it with the standard remote or the finger remote. I’m really keen to hide the mechanism as much as possible so the magic isn’t destroyed by me fumbling around for the right buttons on the standard remote. This is why I’m leaning towards the finger remote as I can hide it within my gloves. Only problem is the sweating which will ultimately damage the electronics. I’m interested to know what solutions people have come up with for both the standard and finger remote options to help with my decision. In addition, I’d also like to know where people have fitted their amp. I’ve seen that you can mount under the chest plate but there is also mention of it being able to be fit into the helmet itself? Any advice on this also would be great. Thanks all, Tim
  5. Georgia, you have beautiful armour. RS have done a great job getting this to fit so well. The very best of luck with your submission. Sent from The Empire
  6. Welcome, Piers. Be prepared to get addicted, haha! Enjoy the journey my friend and look forward to seeing your progress. Ask all the questions you need, the folks here on FISD are here to help you. Enjoy! Sent from The Empire
  7. Thanks, Rich. I’m not sure you’d want me living close to you, I’d probably be knocking on your door every day haha. Luckily, I have a good neighbour who pretty much has every tool you can think of so wouldn’t be surprised if he has a rivet gun so will check with him. I know what you mean about not having to get a completely new set of armour. In my mind though, I have to know I’ve built the whole thing from top to bottom, this will feel a greater achievement for me
  8. Didn’t take long to get going on this did it Joseph!? Good to know about the ABS colouring. I wasn’t sure whether the colour be different in terms of being produced in a different batch. That being said, my current armour had the armour and helmet produced at different times and I can’t see a difference. Good shout on the rivet gun, I’ll reach out on the UKG forum
  9. Hi everyone, Thanks for clicking into read my build thread and hopefully you’ll follow my journey all the way to 501st approval. First a bit of background about me so far… Earlier this year I fulfilled a lifelong dream of finally getting my hands on a ANH Hero Stormtrooper helmet (RS). This then developed into wanting to join the 501st so had a commission build by RS, got my 501st approval and reached EI level, which I’m completely thrilled with. I never would have thought that ticking something off on my ‘bucket’ list would lead me to where I am now, I want to build my own. I never had the confidence to do this myself with my first piece of armour but now I have something that I can refer to as a ‘template’, I feel ready to give it a go. My goal is to achieve Centurion. Where I’m at now… So I’ve researched the differences in the armour, from what I understand ESB is a little easier as it takes some of the more challenging elements out of the build e.g. stick on decals rather than hand painted. I intend to go with RS again for a few reasons: their customer service is excellent, I’m lucky enough to live not too far away and they allowed me to visit so they could make adjustments for my 501st approval. Not only that, it’s direct lineage armour. For cost reasons, I’m starting off with the helmet, getting the tools I need for that and then purchase the armour later. I think this will help ease me into it as well. Questions I have at this point… I’ve read on some threads that there can be differences in ABS colour if purchased at a later date. Is this the case and is it something I need to consider if I order my bucket and armour separately? In terms of tools required for the helmet, is the below correct? Dremel Tin snips Rivet gun Needle file set Fine sandpaper White gloss paint - Humbrol #22 (for screws and mic tips(?)) Grey gloss paint - Humbrol #5 (for ear bars) Black gloss paint - Humbrol #22 (for frown, ear bar outline and bumps) I’m assuming RS will provide screws, u-trim, strapping and rivets but I will check this with them before ordering. I like to take my time. I plan and research an awful lot to make sure I’m making good decisions, so there maybe longer periods of inactivity. Please stick with me Thanks again for taking the time to read this and I look forward to reading all your helpful advice and recommendations. It’s 11:09am UK time on the 17th July….so it begins! Tim
  10. Welcome to FISD, Tarkan. That blaster wound looks painful but no doubt the garrison will have you patched up and ready for battle soon
  11. Probably a naive question, would it not Ben black elastic looped round the fingers?
  12. Great news, Matt. Good luck. Sent from The Empire
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