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  1. so broken link etc.. what are the measurements? Even the WW2 folks I know don't know the answer. (German MP40 Machine gun magazine pouches, usually canvas)
  2. I have a pair of those I am going to paint for a crimson trooper... posting so I 'hear' the reply...
  3. I checked it out and have it earmarked here. Thanks... thank's for the greeting. I posted over on the special ops too.
  4. Well, reporting back on my scouting .... I took a chance and ordered a DLT-20 AND a T-21 Both came, well wrapped in bubble wrap from Australia. The little packages were marked 1 and 2 for the two blasters. Here is a photo of one of the parts: I'll let you know how it goes as I put them together.. So far, so good, and I got both at less than half the price of one blaster here that I would still have to paint also. I'll let you know how it is as I progress, but right now, I'm pleased.
  5. I just took delivery of two of those in the toy version.... My head is to big... I was hoping to not have to buy another helmet with the other vest combination for the xwing. Oh well. Still needing information on the pauldron and on the bounty hunter armory business... length of pauldron from neck to outer edge, and feedback on the business... I've had nothing in a week of having posted in 3 different forums... it's like nobody knows this business which has me greatly concerned. They do have an eTsy presence.
  6. I have a template of paper made, but without my own armor being finished, I really can't check the sizing. As for printing.. Its for a midget if I didn't resize it...LOL. The photos abouve are about 6x10 inches and are not full size. I have the PDF, but the printer only prints a portion of each page. (old printer) Do you remember how much you needed to increase the length? This I suspect is the information I'm going to need. Glad I haven't cut material yet. I redid the pattern to print 100% using paint. (below) I don't know if the server will redact pixels or size...
  7. Yea, I had created it about the same time I created this one.. all is good. I just wasn't waiting long enough to try logging in again. I asked the same question there...and another about the length from neck to edge of the pauldron.... I don't want to make these if I have it scaled wrong.
  8. This pattern is great, but a quesiton. The OP only says it is sketched from an origional. There are not any dimensions... As I'm getting ready to cut this fabric for the pauldron..... I'm wondering if I have it scaled correctly. What is the measurement of yours from the neck out to the edge across the top? The OP just says it is traced from an original.... I'll be a Shadowtrooper, BF will be a crimson trooper. I'm 5'8" and my BF is 5'10" so were nearly the same with a top of shoulder measurement of 5.5" Yea, I have broad shoulders and long arms for a girl.
  9. Thanks, I'll watch this and pop over to special ops too.... edited .... well all good intentions to do so, but I can't find the special ops section the only thing I see says there are no sponsors edit again.... I'm definatly blonde... I didn't notice your link.. got it...
  10. Thanks. I don't have a 3d printer, but do have some of the files I've played with. I had to find someone willing to print for me, but it worked well... but I don't care to make one from scratch, or do my own 3d... I can put a model together.. same reason I like the new Kibler kits for flintlocks. ... Mainly I would like to know of the reputation of 'Bounty Hunter Armory' Thanks for checking
  11. I've been gone for a bit... xwing is coming along and will be complete with the extras for a snow speeder by January.... I have the Shadowtrooper from Walt, and am rather befuddled with it.. but I'll manage. Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide on weaponry. I know a holster for the E11 is required.. and I have an E11 and am making a holster from the screen shots. I'm making one for my DL44 also for the snow speeder However, I'm a longarm gal. I compete with flintlock muzzloading rifles, and am more interesting in the various long arms they represent in the SW franchise... quite amazing variety actually. I cruised though the forums to see where I should put this, but seems this is the best place to ask.... My question is, as a Shadowtrooper, should I choose a DLT-19, or a T21? My DL44 is from 3D Cauldron, but they don't have the DLT-19 or T21, and don't have a DLT-20 either (for the Crimson Trooper) A company called Bounty Hunter Armory out of Australia has all 3 in 3D printed parts........... Has anyone heard of them, and if so, how are the reviews. I'm finding very little. Their post of a couple 3D parts on facebook look really good.
  12. LOL Thanks for the greeting. I appreciaate that.. and what happened to me in other 'centuries' also. It's another couple of 18th c folks who is getting us into this. I"m STILL waiting on my Shadowtrooper, and my xwing helmet and chestbox from the same maker....patience isn't my forte. So my mocup for the xwing helmets and my Boyfriend is getting enthused about this more as well. He has decided to create his own Xwing as a counterpart to his Crimson Trooper. Here is Dan's I patterns for helmet graphics a morphed photo of what I do have so far. Seems like the Rebel Scumm are going to be ready before the Troopers
  13. Thanks for the greetings and the construction links. My boyfriend/husband has a crimson trooper to build. I'm so used to turncoating in other historical centuries, I'm working on an Xwing pilot too. Markings will be a blue on right and red on left. With Blue, Red, and yellow markings. (Our 'colors') so he and I can share the uniform.
  14. I'm a Soon to be Shadow Trooper.Armor on order and gathering parts.I'm searching the files for advice on neck seal making, changing boot color and general construction.Also looking at how to get 'certified' to join. ..look forward to playing.All in good time.Meanwhile,,,,,,Greetings and Salutations. from Indianapolis, Central Ohio and North Central TN. (I do travel a bit)Darylee
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