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  1. LOL Thanks for the greeting. I appreciaate that.. and what happened to me in other 'centuries' also. It's another couple of 18th c folks who is getting us into this. I"m STILL waiting on my Shadowtrooper, and my xwing helmet and chestbox from the same maker....patience isn't my forte. So my mocup for the xwing helmets and my Boyfriend is getting enthused about this more as well. He has decided to create his own Xwing as a counterpart to his Crimson Trooper. Here is Dan's I patterns for helmet graphics a morphed photo of what I do have so far. Seems like the Rebel Scumm are going to be ready before the Troopers
  2. Thanks for the greetings and the construction links. My boyfriend/husband has a crimson trooper to build. I'm so used to turncoating in other historical centuries, I'm working on an Xwing pilot too. Markings will be a blue on right and red on left. With Blue, Red, and yellow markings. (Our 'colors') so he and I can share the uniform.
  3. I'm a Soon to be Shadow Trooper.Armor on order and gathering parts.I'm searching the files for advice on neck seal making, changing boot color and general construction.Also looking at how to get 'certified' to join. ..look forward to playing.All in good time.Meanwhile,,,,,,Greetings and Salutations. from Indianapolis, Central Ohio and North Central TN. (I do travel a bit)Darylee
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