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  1. Welcome to FISD best place to get your armor advice and help you through your build. Good luck.
  2. What up Chris am sure if you cant find anyone to meet up you can get tons of help here.
  3. Thank you guys so much man this means a lot to me. @ukswrath @Daetrin @TKSpartan @Sly11 @Pyrates
  4. Looking great for what it is. If I was in Michigan I would have pulled up to show support young trooper. Keep up the good work.
  5. Was up Yamagat. Welcome to FISD.
  6. You should hit up Walt's trooper factory. He replies pretty fast also.
  7. Yea I was thinking about that also but seen I already had these 2 pieces ready so went that route.
  8. Ok so I pulled my thighs up as much as they can go and still needed a little more clearance so I trimmed bottom of calf so sniper knee could be clear of being pushed by thigh. It already started developing 2 cracks on each side. So I am going to make some trusty abs paste from anovos scrap and patch that up then wet sand it a little bit.
  9. Temp fix until it needs to completely be replaced.
  10. Yea it wasn't a clean snap so was still there. Going to put thin layer of black abs paste on crack also.
  11. Oh your in the right spot. All the tips and tricks are here.
  12. I swear I was thinking the same thing. My TK feels so much more sturdier compared to this TX. Thanks for the heads up on the shoulder bells.
  13. So I had my first set back. While doing a fitting I had my girl help me and she accidentally snapped my shoulder strap So I talked to a fellow garrison member who showed me this way. Get a piece of scrap and just use it to secure it on the inside. (It didn't completely snap off) I looked all over the internet for extras just in case. I know trooper bays black ABS is not as glossy as this Anovos kit so I found this place on ETSY storm trooper store and they are perfect for my back ups the black gloss shine is a match and they need just a little bit of trimming. Also they feel way more sturdier then the Anovos ones. So glad I found a back up. I was going to get the rubber shoulder straps and just paint them gloss black.
  14. Those mobility cuts are the truth. Definite help when walking around in this kit.
  15. My Anovos is really thin around mouth area also. have to be careful and go light.
  16. Yea I plan on doing more trimming to bring in the return edge. And I'm just going for basic approval.
  17. Hope to see you finish this kit. I also did this one. Was definitely worth the roller coaster of emotions building it. But once finished you will be so satisfied and proud of your work. Keep it up bud.
  18. I always have to give mad props to people who build FOTK. Great job trooper.
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