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  1. Well just a little update on what I been working on when I could. I had to do a bit of trimming on my legs and paint/clear coat them for a little scratch resistance and cover up a grandkiddo stain. Not a picasso but had to do with what I had.
  2. Hello all, sorry for being scarce but been taking care of some stuff. I started where I left off and will post some more photos so you all can check my adjustments on my armor.
  3. I tried and resized. I think it is the way I maybe standing. but I will retake the photos tomorrow once I get the strip corrected and better lighting. Thanks for the eagle eye.
  4. Ok, I just got to resize the pictures when I correct that.
  5. After a few adjustments, I think I got the armor sitting ok. I could actually see out of the helmet finally.
  6. Well I put some padding on the sides and it seems to work but I will see.
  7. True, I seen that in the Original helmets. I have a little 1/4 inch padding and will try that on the sides.
  8. Yeah, just getting the little details done and trying to get the helmet popping up when I put it on. I am thinking of making a chin strap to help keep it from popping up when I put it on and all I can see is though the grin grill.
  9. I had to make a modifications to the thighs. I ended up getting a nasty bite from the rear of the thighs, so I trimmed it down a bit.
  10. Ok all, I finally did a full armor up after endless mods and strapping issues. Only Issue now is the helmet. It keeps riding up and just got to figure out a fix. Here are some pictures and welcome opinions and feedback.
  11. I adjusted the straps and still need to tighten the arm straps cause still getting a little bite. Also need to bring the chest plate down just a bit cause the bucket rides up and can't see anything. May need to pull the padding from the top.
  12. I went ahead and added an extra snap fastener to the armor and hope it helps with the fitting issue of the chest and ab plate.
  13. did some strap adjustments and adding some shims to help close my shins with Velcro. Just have a little more to go.
  14. Yeah, I added one in the middle because of no snap. I may or will change that to a snap/elastic one.
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