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  1. Yeah also I took into account how much room I will need for the fans and electronics. Still a work in progress.
  2. Well I think I finally got it. Padding is where I like it and still have a good field of view. And if you use a glue gun watch out, that stuff is hot!
  3. Yeah, it's a give and take with the padding. I took into account the field of vision and the padding on top. I adjusted the pads an got it to where it does not sit high. I think also that the electronics (Fan set up, audio modulator and hearing assist) will also weigh it down a bit.
  4. Ok, I acquired a TK helmet from a friend so I can practice on inserting helmet padding. The helmet is a Shepperton Designs TK helmet and I am trying out different types of padding so when my Armor and other helmet arrive, I will have an idea what to use. How many of you have tried using baseball helmet padding in the Bucket? Any recommendations would be appreciated, and I will keep updated to see how the progress goes. Thanks
  5. Yeah, velcro will be a must and I am already ordering it. I got my cooling fans ordered to complete what I need to modify the helmet when it arrives along with the armor in about 10 wks or so.
  6. I got the audio/voice system and the hearing amps from Ukswrath already to include a helmet padding set, Should be here next week. Just trying to get stuff so I won't be jumping through hoops finding stuff.
  7. Yeah, I have looked at getting the under suit locally and since I am here in the desert, looked into cooling fans to include a Icom/voice amp and adding some military type padding for the bucket when it gets here. I am glad that there are tutorials on the installation of this stuff on You tube to make it dummy proof for this old, retired Soldier.
  8. There are many good suggestions, and I am researching all.
  9. I got the first leg done (Selecting Tk builder). Now looking for any tips on purchase of E-11 and other soft parts like under suit (short guy here, 5'3"-5'4") neck seal and boots. I am still researching but would appreciate any suggestions.
  10. Well I finally went with a AP build since I am a short guy, maybe all that military time, but will be about 10 weeks. So let the fun begin.
  11. Hello to all from West Texas. I am new to the group and currently researching on where to get Tk or TD armor for the past 7 months. I have also read up on the list on whitearmor.com and looking fpr a complete build. I am leaning towards RS Propmasters. or Authentic Props and would like to know what is your opinion.
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