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  1. Looks good. What did you use to make the stand?
  2. Super shiny but I noticed that it leaves a lot of finger prints on this armor.
  3. Been trying to get all these snaps set up.
  4. Man I Still have the whole lower half to put together. I noticed with my TK I did the same thing put the lower half off till everything else is done. Hahaha.
  5. Getting ready to put this body together.
  6. Hope to see you finish this build when time permits Paul. You got skills. Ever need an extra hand am not far away.
  7. When all your magnets and clamps are in use you can still find something to do.
  8. JAN 30TH 2021- zoom troop Cameron park library story time MAY 1ST 2021- 501st day California Aerospace museum MAY 4TH 2021- star wars day at fairytale town
  9. I use those pads that Glen just posted. Just around the sides of helmet not the top.
  10. You could move them to the back and trim from the front since there can be no return edge at wrist area of forearm.
  11. Second forearm almost finished Right thigh fits perfect after first trim left one needs a little more trimming to fit better
  12. Fully finished forearm just needs a little cleaning. I started adjusting the length because the forearms are just way too long on my arms I can barely take my own bucket off.
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