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  1. Yeah, I will go a half size larger, I might get their gloves too, just not sure if the guards are right for Centurion
  2. I agree completely with that, I have no DIY skills whatsoever and have only ever made a few Airfix kits before but these guys make it seem so possible , they're so helpful . I'm really excited to get my kit and get to work on it
  3. Yes please, I'd be very interested
  4. Can you tell me if the Doopydoo's includes everything I need to build a blaster for Centurion level? I'm not bothered about electronics at this point, I'd rather concentrate on the armour.
  5. Thanks so much guys, I'll be getting those RS ones
  6. The shipping puts me off from there though as I'm in England I could get stung for customs fees on top
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking for some boots and I've seen these for sale from the dreaded Jedi Robe. I know they're not the best for armour but wondered if the boots would pass the Centurion test? Thanks
  8. The under suit came yesterday so I tried it on, those things are not forgiving! I've been watching my weight once I decided I was going to build this, I'm even more determined now. Just thinking about the strapping, RWA sells the kit which he says includes the correct rivets for Centurion but at £50 it's not cheap, do you think it might be better to get the elastic, poppers and rivets separately from Hobbycraft / local haberdashery?
  9. Cheers guys, I've gone with 1.5 mm Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. I've ordered my suit! I went with 1.5mm ABS from RWA Creations, WIP coming in a few weeks hopefully! Yay!
  11. Just a couple ,ore questions, what's the pros and cons of choosing 1.5mm, 2mm or 2mm acrylic capped ABS. Also I can't seem to find the section in UK Garrison where it lists any build meetings coming up
  12. Hi guys, I'm about to put my order in for my first kit from RWA, an ANH Stunt TK, aiming for Centurion, not sure which to go with though, what's the pros and cons of each thickness? Thanks Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks Dan, that's a great help. This thread is fantastic, you're all a credit to the 501st
  14. Well, I finally got to the end of the thread! I've read the whole thing and am now unsure than before I started! I measured myself and it turns I'm shorter than I thought also so not sure if RWA is the right way to go. Can anybody advise me please? I'm 5' 8.4" and weigh 13st 5lb with 34" waist. I'm looking at RWA because of budget and the relatively short waiting list but I really don't want to get it wrong patricularly with wanting to build to Centurion standard right off the bat
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