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  1. 1. 11/29/2022 - Bayside Trunk-or-Treat Troop - Rocklin, CA 2. 03/18/2023 - CarrierCon on the USS Hornet - Alameda, CA I give permission to the FISD to repost my photos on social media. Thanks to the GoldenGateGarrison for letting me crash their party
  2. Nice to have another Phasma among the ranks! Looking forward to updates
  3. First, I got to meet the maker! Shawn Thorsson, who cast my helmet. I really liked this Kylo's Kintsugi helmet Next, another badass female character, the Armorer And finally, another photo I considered using for my "official", what do you think?
  4. TK42442 reporting in! I’m Brit and I use They/Them pronouns. I got my first ever BBB from KB in Sept of 2020, and spent the pandemic learning and building my shiney suit. I was able to debut my TLJ Captain Phasma at SWCA in May, and thankful to join your ranks today. I’m also a serving member of the Air National Guard, so currently stationed in Texas and have 95 days of training left before I return to home in California and can start Trooping!
  5. Hello! Also requesting access. Cheers! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=35214
  6. TK42442 officially reporting for Duty to the Central California Garrison! Been looking forward to this for 2 years. Very excited. Since I last posted, I’ve been Training for the Air Force, so I haven’t been able to even socialize or hang with my local members. Counting down the days to my return - 95 days!
  7. Thanks for your vote of confidence! I'm going to have husband touch up some of the chroming that was dinged and get those sweet close-ups I might need for basic approval!
  8. A huge should-out and Thank you to all you amazing FISD folks, whom I couldn't have possibly have finished this without help and support. Speaking of, I was surprised (and honored) to be invited to join in the group photo, unfortunately i'm not a fully-fledged member yet but here is a pic my amazing husband/handler took for me Helmets off! here's the last few pictures I took of the con If you can't tell, I was a bit exhausted Speaking of handler, here's a few shots with me and the. husband! And with a droid friend!
  9. SO this update is a bit belated, but we've been busy! I'm going to start with the finished chroming first, as that was the last big step! Ultimately I believe she came out beautiful, and Celebration was a great Debut! Close-ups in the garage - Pre-Decals!
  10. Lots of work done in the last 24 hours! I tackled my white whale... finally. Sewed the bib! We attached the top and heel foot armor, thanks industrial-strength velcro I re-shaped the spatz... I know they won't fit this low in-cosume, but good for photo-op. Something I"m kicking myself over with this build was that I had my shin armor close facing the front, so you can kind of see a gap with the velcro. I might tighten it up with another strip that's closer to the edge. After getting feedback from some folks, I cut down the cod piece. This is about as small as I can reasonably make it, so I attached it the abs using snaps. Here it is with. the in-progress belt... nearly finished being chicago-screwed down. I also finished attaching snaps to the shoulder bells, just need to punch out the webbing that comes from the yolks, and that'll be done I also found the most permanent way I could think to attach the knees, so they are now snaps. Finally, we Finished re-painting the TD after filling all the gaps, I think it turned out really good. All that we have left to do... will we finish in time?! Silver everything Bell fastener snaps repurpose Helmet liner, add Helmet padding Attach beak to helmet Attach belt box backing plates Glue box tops to belt Helmet electronics Back Pills Armor/Detonator Decals Butt / cod fastener
  11. Thanks! I"m burning the midnight oil trying to get this thing done in the next 3 days!!
  12. Heads down and getting a lot of completion done on Phasma with less than a week to go! I started by getting connections attached to my back abs, following the same method I've seen FOTKs do theirs. We started by velcroing the yolk/chest pieces, as this was important to get a good fit down the sides. I also put a small (barely noticeable) piece of velcro on the abs, so my yolk was sure to stay in place. Then I added snaps to the side of the breastplate and yolk, which will sandwich all together to form a nice tight form. Additional finishing touches completed include the thigh harness, got all the gaps filled and sanded down for final acrylic paint Shaped and added additional length to the spatz. These were not fitting well, so i'm going to cut them down and further shape them today We finished filling all the small joins on the TD and I added a bracket that will slide onto the abs And finished spraying gloss black onto the belt boxes, which will FINALLY be chicago screw attached while we silver the Top part of it
  13. Next up: Gloves! After MUCH research, we decided upon these Carhartt work gloves. The reference photos we went off of show the fingers were full 'leather' (or pleather) but the thumbs were fabric (except for the thumb pads) They also have stitching/fabric on the palms, which were a level 3 CRL requirement. Hot Glue really fit the bill for attaching the finger plates, and we used velcro for the hand plate. This allowed for greater flexibility. The velcro closure was then reinforced with a snap, for a better fit and secure closure.
  14. Much work continues, now that's crunch time! I completed all these last week! First, I focused on getting the gaskets completed. I started with the elbows, as they were the easiest. Afterwards, I created shoulder gaskets x2, which I ended up needing to shorten by about an inch after the fact (as you can tell these were pretty long). I also took in the armpits for a better fit. once complete, I mapped out where I needed to add strapping/harness for the shoulder gaskets And then make a separate harness that i'll attach the thighs and whatnot to. here's the finished product! Next, I decided to combine the shiny shorts into the knee gaskets. This seemed to work really well, except I was warned about deterioration of the plastic material. In that case, I can always reinforce the inside of the thighs if needs be. Once that was complete, I strapped up both the shiney shorts/gaskets and the thighs, so I can attach them all to the harness. Much Success!
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