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  1. I haven’t been able to work on my armor as much as I’d like to but I am a decent way through painting the armor. I have the DT built and screws painted. I’ll be getting a spare TD built with more accurate panel and brackets for the future. Next up is progress on my helmet. I’m pretty happy with the frown and chin, tears are a wip and I’ll need to completely redo the tube stripes for a third time. First time I used the wrong blue and used the button panel dark blue, so I cleaned that up. Second attempt I didn’t apply the paint correctly and still turned out wayyy too dark. Here is a pic before I clean this up. As for progress on the belt... I messed up big time trying to heat form it. I have a spare ABS belt that comes with the kit but I need one extra button. Everything else is fine though, and I should be getting the parts I need soon. Next up is the button panels. They are all painted and ready to be glued. Not sure if you can really tell from the picture but I was trying to ensure the paint doesn’t extend beyond the bottom as per the CRL. Gonna glue them on probably tomorrow. Oh, also got the ears painted. All that’s left for me to do is finish painting the helmet, finish assembling the helmet, fix the ABS Belt, and do the strapping for the arms. Hopefully I can get pictures of the final fitting once the belt is fixed.
  2. I second this, although I understand you’ve probably been busy with commissions.
  3. I will definitely need to try that! My snapping game is far from adequate currently.
  4. Thinking of trimming it to this point. Any thoughts?
  5. Also, got a bit of work done on my helmet. Got the brow at the height I like tried fitting the ears and I believe in order to align the ear screws with the traps, I’ll be needing to trim off the back half of the bucket a little bit. I’ll also be probably trimming a but of the right side’s brow gasket to make it line up more with the trap. When I get back to my armor, I’ll be sure to snag some better pictures with the ears in place to give you guys a better idea before I cut.
  6. Will do for future snaps! I’ll admit I am not the most experienced with setting snaps.
  7. Belt is back on track and I have decided to use chicago style screws and a glued an approx 1” strip of nylon for more rigidity to where the screw will go. My host recommended I fill the female screw with E6000 so that it will jot come undone during troops but still removable if need be. Gonna probably want to figure out how to give my snap some proper support to make it easier to snap onto the abdomen.
  8. Measured twice, snap once. Should have measured three times snd looks like I will now need to snap twice. The belt appears to be way too loose.
  9. Decided to trim the big ab button following the Billgram, and it looks like for the AM 4.5 kit I will need to trim it further down than the prescribed measurements Gonna trim it so it matches the button on this reference photo
  10. Already on that good sir! I’ve read about 40 approval threads for both Centurion and EIB and looked over dozens of build threads. Reading about it is one thing, but actually putting it into practice is another. Always hesitant to fully commit.
  11. An update is long overdue. Current progress is that I got the sniper knee glued and attached, much of the armor trimming is done as well as snaps I’d be willing to bet you guys can figure out what I am gonna do for my helmet A bit nervous because I plan on working on the belt soon, so I guess according to the reference I need to completely get rid if the top up until the boxes, so closer to the second line I started. Also going to attach the ammo thigh belt to the right thigh soon. I got the rivet pos marked in pencil, and trimmed the top and bottom to a 3mm height Progress on the sides. I thankfully will not need to do shims, and the length is just right to where I don’t need to trim. As per the level 3 specifications I have the three rivets on the abdominal armor’s left side, equally spaced and 1cm away from the edges. These ones are not functional and will probably re-do them to be able to fasten velcro that will help ensure the abdomen and kidney are always lined up. (As a reminder I am shooting for, so do not hesitate to suggest changes that may or may not be listed on the CRL!) The kidney is not quite done yet so I will be sure to add velcro to make sure everything is fastened. The velcro I’m using is the real heavy duty stuff. You can also see the notch cut out from the kidney, I trimmed the return edges from the abdomen to line up with the notch.
  12. With the strapping for my build, I doubled up on the fabric. Basically taking a 2x2 in nylon piece, glue it, fold it, and have the folded edge face the direction where it will have the most stress. Also glad I could help with your build by providing the link, it is a very good thread
  13. I have this thread always open on my phone since I am in the process of my first AM build lol
  14. To the future troopers like myself who are building their first kits and to the members trying to get approved, remember that being in the first 1k for EIB is not something to worry about! Rushing to get the job done goes against the spirit of why EIB exists in the first place. It's supposed to award patience and attention to detail. Something that I feel many people (including myself) are forgetting, and rushing our first builds/making changes to our armor just runs the risk of doing something dumb in the name of saving time and cutting corners... sometimes the wrong corners! We may not get in the first 1k, but the real important thing is the experience of building the armor and take the time to really learn it and appreciate it. If you are not within the first 1k EIB but really wanted to get in that bracket, don't be disappointed. Instead, look at the next step. We have what, 500 more centurions to go for 1k? Now that is a bracket everyone reading this thread can strive for. We got so many people pumped with this competition to reach for EIB, why not continue the momentum and make for 1k Centurions! Now that would be a truly amazing milestone not just for FISD, but to the entire Star Wars costuming community! TL/DR: Don't rush it, don't worry about it, just focus on getting to Centurion
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