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  1. Hey! I'm still a pretty green member of the DSG and live up in Flagstaff. If you need help with anything, feel free to message me. We've got some knowledgeable TKs up here, but one person I might recommend you trying to get in contact with is Mike Culp (TK 1636) I believe you are watching his youtube tutorials, but I've been told he still does one-on-one building sessions. He's basically the garrison's most expert armor builder. I hope to see pics of your armor soon!
  2. That's exactly what some people do with white E6000
  3. So to me it looks like a Phase III Stormclone with a jump pack. Currently there is only one person with the correct files for those and that would be Eric here. It's 3d files so you'll need to print them out yourself or find a printing service. I don't think there's any chance you'll get this done by Halloween, sorry! For the jet pack, you'd need to check with the clone detachment for info on that. We just specialize in (mostly) stormtroopers.
  4. Makes me want to log back in to imgflip and start meming again... Anyways, have some basic memes I threw together.
  5. The glory of PETG! Truly, the filament of Sith Lords!
  6. I know a trooper in my garrison who did some rather... interesting modifications to their sandy to allow them to sit down. This was namely cutting the abdomen plate in half with the seam hidden under the belt. He is very proud of that modification lol. When it comes to EVA foam, I think as long as you heat seal it and make sure the back itself is extra reinforced, it should be fine.
  7. Dave seems like an awesome dude! I still need to send him the submission photos for my AM kit! I thought it adventurous of him when he first introduced his helmet fan kits (Which I can attest to being seriously AWESOME), but all the various backpacks too? When I heard CrookKnight was stepping down I felt pretty sad about it. Dave is probably my top pick to inherit his legacy, considering the good he’s done with the AM bucks.
  8. I need to try the padding for the sniper knee lol. Actually, a lot of the upgrades you speak of are stuff I can apply to my own kit. I've been trooping without my glasses which hasn't led to anything awful so far, but I will keep the front padding in mind!
  9. Wow! You got that together pretty quick lol. Missing some metal paint on the handle by where the selector switch is, not that anyone would notice. If you do decide to weather it, be careful around the T tracks and handle. Those shouldn’t have “metal” showing.
  10. Have you taken your files to an online repair service? That might help fix those issues.
  11. Looks good! Maybe you can fit some doller store lights and sounds to it later down the road!
  12. 0. Fourth of July Parade @ Flagstaff Arizona, 7/4/21 - Wrangler My Imperial training complete, my civic duty called for me to assist troopers in the first major operation since the plague swept this portion of the galaxy. This was the single largest gathering for this particular event in recent history. As I marched alongside my future brethren, an announcer pulled me aside to ask what my "costume was", before rhetorically asserting that my "costume" was that of a "fan". The nerve-the audacity! I was a future trooper after all! I have no idea how I could be confused with a spinning mechanical component. I don't even look like a droid! I merely answered truthfully yet respectfully that I was there to ensure the safety of the troopers and ensure they had adequate drink. Should the need arrive provide assistance if necessary. I will not forget his insolence, my wrath will be great. Despite this insult, I carried on to the completion of the march. Afterwards, we arrived at a commissary which found itself understrength despite a warning in advance. Holo-net interference seems to be a likely culprit. Despite this, the mission was a success. 8/10/21 ANH TK (Stunt) Approved 1. Free Comic Book Day @ Flagstaff Arizona, 8/14/21 - ANH-S TK All forces gathered on time and we geared up. Operators of a local food establishment took particular notice of us, we kept the location of this "Tikki Bar" in mind and will perform a closer inspection of their cuisine later. Much Imperial relief was gathered for the Imperial mandated food drive. Mission Successful. 2. Coconino County Fair @ Flagstaff Arizona, 9/3/21 - ANH-S TK Arrived Late due to local fair gate attendant requiring authorization I did not have. Despite asserting they need not need to see my identification, it was to no avail. Lord Kylo would soon arrive on the scene and granted me access to our staging area where the rest of our task force was gearing up for the mission. First few hours went well. After a few hours of mobilization, Three young rebel rabble rousers compromised the mission and we were forced to retire early. Our scout trooper commandeered local transportation - further documentation will be provided in the near future as evidence. Despite trouble makers, Lord Kylo learned the meaning of friendship. In light of this, I can say that this patrol was not a complete waste of Imperial resources. Mission successful.
  13. I can appreciate what they were going for the helmet visor/antenna, but kinda disliking the pauldron. I'm assuming once it's released we can no-clip to get all the needed views or even just rip the model from the game.
  14. Kinda sad to have not seen this armor in the Bad Batch yet, considering just how big of a fanboy Dave Feloni is with video games. Really hoping we get to see Vader keep his 501st clones together for as long as possible like what happened in legends.
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