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  1. I was originally going to use an aluminum rail, but last night I decided to go for a less conventional route that may sacrifice accuracy. I’m already in the process of 3d printing an M38 hollowed scope and keep the resin scope for another project I have planned. Regardless, I’ve reinforced the rail and supported the ammo counter bracket and it is surprisingly solid. Granted this is not a trooping blaster with the soul intent is just something for me to play around with. I have no doubt will break with prolonged use, but for the time being, I’m happy with this stop gap measure of putting a wooden piece under the ammo bracket. The rail isn’t flexing, and I’ve made more surface area for the ammo counter to be securely glued and fastened. Thinking I may use an epoxy weld to make sure everything is solid just as a further precaution. I am really glad you provided that link however, because now I have a backup plan for when mine eventually fails, although I still want to give this a shot. Quick question though, what height should the ammo counter be? I tried looking at the gallery section but couldn’t really find any detailed pictures for the E-11. I looked through the high res ANH blu-ray pictures and it seemed that the blasters with the counters had them lower, basically resting on the stock. I don’t really trust any of the google image results.
  2. Decided before I put my last coat of primer, I’d start gluing together the pieces. Between the months of me opening the box and painting the pieces, I ended up loosing the rear crosshair and the D-ring, but thankfully for me I can 3d print replacements. Oh, I also printed out a rail. The rail will be further sanded, as well as a few more coats of paint. It wasn’t my best print, but it is certainly useable.
  3. So after almost 5 months of waiting for BBB day, it still hasn’t arrived yet. My vendor says it should be another week or so until is ships. Decided to bust out a project I meant to have done months ago, which is a Doopydoo kit. I’ll get pictures posted as soon as I can figure out how on Tapatalk. I keep getting errors. I have most of the parts primed, and will begin gluing the parts together before I add one last primer coat (My coats aren’t exactly thorough) Edit: Pictures are working now.
  4. Hi Eric! The kit is taking quite a bit longer to get, but with everything going on right now it's understandable. . I have most of the supplies needed, just need the plastic to really begin working. I do have some other 501st projects to work on in the meantime, so I'm just taking it slow. I do need to finish my doopydoo blaster, and I'll try to get a thread for that going later.
  5. That's a black Rubies Stormtrooper costume. From what I've heard, it requires serious rework and modifications to get it to spec and lots of folks here would say that the modification process isn't worth it for the price. I'll let people with more knowledge on the matter give you a more definitive answer though. Edit: I just looked at the link here And a brief blurb here sums up what I mentioned earlier: "Even though the Rubies TK armor is licensed by Lucas Films, it is not acceptable for Legion membership without a LOT of work and putting a LOT more money and time into it. The average price for a Rubies Supreme Stormtrooper Costume is $400USD (305 Euros) to $700USD (535 Euros). But, after you factor in that you will have to purchase a replacement helmet, buy supplies to modify the armor, all this, just to get the Rubies TK armor up to Legion standards. It would be cheaper and easier for you to start with a new armor kit.There have been a few members that have done Rubies with all the upgrades, but afterwards said they spent a lot of time and money and will be looking into a different suit of armor next."
  6. Been mewling over ideas for a design, but I must ask, is there a place where all the official FISD pictures are at? I did not see anything in the gallery. Sorry in advance if it was obvious and I missed it. Edit: Oh, and can we design our patches with digitally painted badges in mind, or just normal embroidered style ones?
  7. Looking good! I am amazed at how well the hovi tips and the painted vents turned out!
  8. Watching your thread is making me anxious for when I start working on my kit...
  9. Sounds like a good plan, I've been wanting to do the same.
  10. I bought similar helmet padding for use in my helmet, they are pretty cheap on amazon. Like 14 bucks or so.
  11. I got a special putty glue sort of deal that Joseph here on the forums recommends. I'll also need to find myself some gray paint for the teeth when the time comes. Any plans for getting electronics in that bucket?
  12. Probably the former, judging by the timestamps
  13. He has an ATA build according to the OP. And man... With everything going on, I just want to get started on my armor already. I just have to wait a few more days (hopefully) before I start my own thread on here. Anyways, I hope to see a lot more progress from you in the future, Brave! I feel like you are more prepared than I am at this point.
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