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  1. And a little more progress. I got the suspenders in. Using velcro so I can adjust up and down. The ab can go tighter by about 2 inches, I didn't put the trauma plate on for this fit (thats how the abs adjust). To my eye, the back need to come down. The shoulder straps are pretty much maxed out. The chest plate is about as high as I can get it without pushing on my throat. Thoughts?
  2. I've made a little progress. While I wait for the flexible glazing putty I ordered I started on the helmet. I'm not using the 850 bucket due to the inaccuracies in it. I'll be converting my black series, however I'm really thinking about ordering one of Jim's. And the thought crossed my mind of trying to offload mine whole kit for a Jim's. I've never worked with fiberglass so it's a little intimidating. On to the show... I started by taking apart the entire helmet, then I drilled holes in the old aerator spots so they fit Ukswrath's iI will be removing most of the insides and sanding down the unnecessary spots. I will leaved some of the plastic used for connecting the back, front, and dome to help with the fit Then bond and bindo all the seams. i was able to get the shoulder strap covers and holes done so now i can start to fit the chest, back, and torso. Which I think will speed things up. I'm following a tutorial here foe the helmet, I just don't remember whose at the moment.
  3. I'll chime in on my build (R0TK from 850 AW). Their amor kit is the right price, which is why I went with it. I purchased the helmet with it as well, without doing proper research. I built an OTTK (Walts kit) and it was my first full kit, it went together pretty well. I had experience with a OT tie pilot, and 2 Fetts. But it was a challenge, not too bad though. I learned a lot. That all said the 850 kit lacks the crisp details I've seen in other kits. I am having to fix some issues along the way: rear shoulder strap covers are 3D printed and require a fair bit of "custom" sanding to get them to sit correctly. Even then, still need filling. All the ab greeblees are cast from 3D prints and still have print lines in them. Lots of sanding. The angled line on the sides aren't the correct angle, a few degrees off. The pulls themselves have imperfections (tiny dents here an there, rounded edge, etc). All workable with patience. The 850 helmet. I can't stand behind it. When I got it the top was flat, I had to heat it up (hot car method) and pop it back out. The two sides of the face are very slightly off alignment on mine (see my build thread mentioned above). As mentioned above, other issues as well. I didn't like that it made it passed QC with these issues and I was expected to try to fix it first. Lucky for me, I was able to. I will be printing my own. I was able to get a Black Series but I don't want to mod it, just display it. Like @BigJasoni said, I don't want to blast 850 AW on this. I have two other kits from them and they are great so far. They are very quick to answer emails and have been nice and replaced a part or two pretty quick if it was missing. And there are ROTK kits here on the forums that turned out great. I am considering putting my kit up for trade for another OTTK ( i sold mine to fund this, and now I miss it). I'm 47 and have a soft spot for the OT. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.
  4. I still have to get the suspenders in and I feel like the chest plate can come up a hair. But the torso looks good to me where it's at. I will only have to trim about an inch off the top and that lease plenty under the chest. The side will have to get trimmed down.
  5. @BigJasoni my suspenders are kind of the same design. Thanks for the pics!
  6. @BigJasoni Thanks for all of that! Yes, I have heavy duty suspenders I just haven't figured out how I am going to mount them. Yesterday I cut the sides and shims apart and joined them in the back with a butt joint like the OTs. Waiting for that to cure before I moved forward. I have left little space for adjustment behind the trauma plate (velcro'd) for thicker layers. All in all i'm happy with the fit. I tend to wear the torsos a little tighter but nice to have that relief if I want it. I'm up for ideas on mounting the suspenders. I was thinking snaps, but ill get those mounted before cutting the top. I know the torso sits really high on me and pretty uncomfortable under the arms. But I may have it up too high. I'll post a pic with it and the chest plate on.
  7. Sweet. Reading through this. That was my thought leaving space. The bottom line is where the chest plate came to standing up
  8. Thinking about the cut here - the top line. The chest covers it pretty well, and theres still room if I need to cut shorter.
  9. Thanks! I was thinking abs slurry originally. Time to learn to make that.
  10. Would this work to make it seamless?
  11. I was able to get a little bit of work in. I have the front, ,back, groin, and butt plates cut out. I ordered some flexible should straps. So while I wait I was able get the torso together. I glued the shims in with e6000, the rear pieces that connect the trauma plate are velcro'd in to help with adjustment. The trauma plate is velcro as well. So lots of room to adjust for thicker or thinner layers. Since I will be painting the kit, I am going to bondo some areas to clean them up I was also able to snag a black series rogue one, I am going to start modding that as well.
  12. Thanks for the input. I read his build but missed the paint
  13. Sweet. I thought about a coat of uv resin inside. So the next question, what paint / color white should I use for the kit?
  14. So updates here: I got the helmet from 850AW, it is resin. I do like the resin helmets. But the top was flat, almost concave. I reached out to them they told me to heat it up and pop it back out. Some advice on the FB page, I left it in my car for about 20 minutes and it fixed itself. That concerns me for trooping outdoors in the summer. I had the side shims glued on with e6000 and some more advice on the FB page (i really wish I had my phone so I could mention the guy, huge help) said I should move the side shims back to create the angled recess since 850 doesn't have that in their mold. So moved it back about 5/8" and glued. Still drying. Come to find out, the back plate doesn't have the raised squares for the shoulder straps. They are there, but its like just an outline. Pretty bummed about that. Not sure what to do with it. I've reached back out to 850 and they are apparently 3d printed. I have to go through those parts again.... So needless to say, this whole suit will need a paint job.
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