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  1. Forgot to post the update on sniper knee fix. Well the piece of t-shirt with super glue worked great. Didn't crack again and did a pretty long walk in parade. I am going to apply same method to my other build as well.
  2. Hey I have had some of the best armor builders in the world give me some pretty sweet advice. Even one help with this Anovos belt plate (cough cough) @ukswrath
  3. Last of this build the shins. I really wish I could skip leg day. Cleaned up armor all the little glue bits around cover strips with the trusty fingernail. Noticed handling my armor with gloves on is the best option to keep it nice and shiny without finger prints all over it.
  4. I know your excited to get started. Definitely take your time. Because rushing through may cause a mistake that can set you back and use more money and time. start build thread here and you can get tons of help and insight. Good luck cant wait to see a thread and see what its looking like.
  5. Went to armor party yesterday got to do my first test fitting. My other arm shoulder bell to shoulder strap was too tight so would pull and un snap so I have to make it a little longer. I would also like to lower the cod/ab piece just a little more. Trim my neck line in a little more also.
  6. That is a weird issue mine doesn't touch my leg at all. You try playing with it seeing if it does the same thing?
  7. Man I definitely use the help to get suited especially after having a bad shoulder. I'm lucky enough to have done a few troops with the same trooper who knows my kit well and basically just helps me out a little bit to get situated.
  8. Got a lot of the little strapping done I was missing still a few more left. Need to do some black abs paste to fill in some small spots. shoulder bell to shoulder strap (sew in snap) and clean up and I should be finished and ready to take some pics.
  9. oh man I just screenshot parts of the video too because I was thinking maybe cant upload videos.
  10. Nice I have the jb weld stuff too I can use in case this doesn't work. Will definitely see after this parade march.
  11. @1nfern0 @TKSpartan so my buddy suggested taking a piece of white t shirt and soaking it in super glue and putting behind to reinforce that area. So I used abs paste first and followed his suggestion it really does feel solid. We will see how it holds up for 4th of July march.
  12. Try just adding a little foam on the inside to help push it away from your body a little bit. And believe me what you have right here are good problems.
  13. Not going to lie I have been lacking on this TX build. My garage has been a oven. I just didn't even want to go out there. Sacramento California summer is no joke. Few days ago got a big metal fan from Costco so it makes it bearable out there now with the breeze. Shooting for next week to be finished with this kit. All that's left is these lower parts.
  14. This has been a never ending fix for me right here any longer lasting solutions out there?
  15. Lets just say he was a natural. Proud dad moment.
  16. JUNE 27TH 2021- Lodi Comic Con (handler) this was first time my son got introduced to the 501st troop and he Got to show off his new jawa.
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