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  1. When I do I will prob try for level 2 or 3 lol
  2. I might try to find an armor building party near me
  3. Yes I have registered. I second guess myself alot but I'm good with an instruction manual although I can't eye measurements
  4. Honestly once I place my order I'd rather sit down with someone and have hands on assistance lol. I'm a hand on learner. Watching a video won't teach me anything. But I will definitely post pictures of progress
  5. Cool:) I've met a few 501st in GA when I attended dragoncon. I'm thinking about going Ata works but I've never built a kit before so wondering if there's anyone near me that could assist me when my BBB day comes
  6. I just mean like help me figure out what I'm buying and make sure I don't forget something. I'm wary of buying my first kit and building it
  7. Hey everyone!!! Any fellow troopers in or around Sanford or Pinehurst? Would love to meet and discuss the kits :)
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