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  1. I also want to address the butt plate. That one irks me the most. Any ideas? am thinking of trimming the butt plate in more. Because it looks as though the thigh pushes it up.
  2. So after trooping is when you really find the small tweaks you need to do to adjust your armor. Since my 1st in person troop looking at pictures I noticed my forearms were way too long so I shortened them. I also noticed my shoulder bells were a little spaced so I brought them in a lot closer. Now after this second troop I feel I need to adjust strapping on my abdomen to chest so it comes down a little more and also raise thighs higher. Also thinking of doing a little more shortening of the forearms and maybe even bottom of the shins. I noticed small crack in the sniper plate after the first troop must be from thighs pushing it. So I made some ABS paste to fix that problem. I also removed some helmet padding because when adding it I didn't factor in the balaclava and mic set up. So it was super tight to get off. Circled are problem areas I am going to address.
  3. Great job trooper.
  4. Got to troop on may 4th at a place my kids frequent quite often. Fairytale town star wars day.



    Best part my son came in his kid Kylo gear and got to meet the squad.


  5. Nice going to check it out now.
  6. Yea I was going to mention thighs also. Maybe adjust the padding inside the bucket as well so it sits better on your head.
  7. The anti fog worked. Didn't fog one time. And I was inside and outside in I believe it was 84 degrees for 5 hours straight. I give it a thumbs up.
  8. I received this coin at the troop. All thanks to FISD!! 



  9. First in person troop was a success. Happy 501st day everyone. We got to troop at the California Aerospace Museum.





    1. gmrhodes13


      Well done trooper, happy 501st day, US that is, we celebrate it in January ;) 

    2. tat2trooper


      Ah ok I never knew that. Thanks brotha. Did 5 hours suited walking the grounds. Oh and no armor bites shaooooooo.

  10. Just sucks when you talk and it doesn't catch it till half way in your sentence. So am going to use the PTT.
  11. That's how mine looks now with your new markings. When you test fit you will feel a huge difference.
  12. Ahh ok I will try that out and see if cord is visible from the front.
  13. Any tips on running PTT system? Thinking I just cut hole in my under shirt and run it down the sleeve.
  14. Biceps. For me the more return edge I had I noticed it was more uncomfortable. My new build has very slightly any return edge on biceps and its way more cozy to wear.
  15. So I noticed I did the Tbay hand guards and they are slightly less glossy then my Anovos ones so I trimmed them up and got them ready also.
  16. Definetly take some of that return edge down some. My first build I left too much return edge also.
  17. Pretty much. Nice kit by the way @TheSwede
  18. Now am dreading doing the sniper knee again on my new build.
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