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  1. Paul (Troopermaster) once told me a nice trick to fill holes. Warm up a piece of abs (heat gun, hair dryer, boiling water,...) and then, take the piece with anything but your hand, place it behind your hole and push it in. This will push the warm ABS inside the hole and the only thing left to do is to glue the ABS in the back of the armor. Read all about it here: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?s=&a...ost&p=22811 Simple trick!
  2. Holy crap!!! I gotta open my blaster's gut now and install one of these inside!!! I think I'm gonna restart from scratch! Blaster for sale!!!
  3. I've got both top and bottom... Thighs hide bottom logo I wear the top upside down
  4. Thanks Bobby! And a special thanks to whoever got this picture of me on the Elite page! Can I have a high rez of that?
  5. Wow!!! Nice job on the suits guys!!! So many 501st at the same place and not one FX!!! Impressive .. most impressive!
  6. I'm about 99% sure I'll be there!!! Gald it's still in your plan Paul!
  7. Again, thanks everyone! You truly are a great bunch of people .. You better lmk if one day you come in Montreal Now, anyone thinking about going to Toronto con this year?
  8. Wouhou!!! It's about time I make it on that Elite page!!! Well worth the effort! Thanks Paul, Terrell and all the others who have contributed to this achievement. Again, you've been more than helpful!!!
  9. Awesome! Thanks Scott and everyone else on their input on this!!! I would have had no clue about all this if it wasn't for the FISD! That makes me 24th? Next step, a Hero helmet, all my droid heads and then, my Lancer scout
  10. Alright .. not too happy with the pics, but that'll do for now! You should clearly see now the drop box being much higher, same goes for the pic with the butt plate separation. I basically just added a velcro on the armor and on the belt to make sure it would hold to the proper height when the TD is on!
  11. Thanks Scott! I didn't forget about this .. I've had a crazy week at work, and I never came back home before 11pm! So I just need some good lighting and my girlfriend around so she can take a whole new set of pictures. That should be tomorrow or tonight! I hope to be Elite before sunday!
  12. Welcome from Montreal buddy!!!
  13. Welcome from Montreal buddy!! AP too here, and I love it!
  14. Hey Lou, You can read all about it in a very detailed work in progress thread I did here: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=1798 I'm pretty sure it will give you all the details you need!
  15. Thanks Paul!! If only I can get my friend to acquire his AP!!! Darn him, he decided to have a tattoo ans he's at 3000$ on it to this day!!! No need to say, that postponed his armor for the time being!!! Anyway, in the meantime, I'm building my Biker costume and I'm going right away for Lancer status. Thanks to the help of a few guys on the BSN and the HUGE help of our own Runrriott!!!
  16. My pleasure! I'm waiting for much more pics later today!!!
  17. Thanks Brad! Those are Nathan's awesome lenses! You can read all about how I built them here! Thanks guys! The first amor shot dates back from last Halloween so I had the drop boxes changed with white straps at this point. Some time ago, I pulled them up just under the ABS belt, you can see that a lot clearer in those 2 last shots which are from yesterday. As for the back shot, I'll try to put my armor on tonight, and have brand new complete shot of it by my girlfriend. I'll retake again the drop box, the back shot with the belt, any other things? As both of these things should be ok! Hell, might as well take a whole new set of pics, the gf needs to get used to her new camera
  18. Thanks Nath, I know you're my biggest blaster fan! LOL To each his own, you ARE my greeblies official savior!!
  19. LOL .. yeah .. thanks guys!!! And I got the line from a guy there "Aren't you a little tall for a stormtrooper?" .. classic! I'm almost glad there was no Vader, the place was so small I would always have ended up walking past him .. not too sure about that! NOTE Just submitted my Elite status!
  20. Hand plates Canvas belt and holster Thermal detonator
  21. Well, That's it .. I wanna be the first (and possibly the only one) canadian to get my Elite status! I figure hell, there's so few of us, might as well ask for it now while my armor is all over the place due to my first troop today! Component list includes... - ANH AP Armor - Stunt bucket w/ all mods: drilled teeths, painted frown, Runrriott's green lenses, Stomper's hovies, RomFX and fans - Homemade ribbed neck seal - Rubber gloves - Canvas belt - Left handed holster riveted on snaps inside the belt - Thermal detonator w/ banker's clip - Full strapping system - CABoots - Metal built blaster w/ resin parts and Saberfreak t-tracks I've been around here for quite some time and I've posted tens of pictures of my armor to show off the final product and as a helper for newbs with my WIP. I'm probably taking half the gallery disk space on my own All pictures below are taken from My Gallery! You've probably seen it all before but here I go again for my official request of Elite status! The only things that needed to change on it, was the darn side gaps to be closed which I did about 6 months ago and the white straps instead of black for my drop boxes (that I also pulled up closer to the belt). Stunt Bucket (all pics here) Armor Abs buttons Butt separation
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