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  1. Hello there, Scott. I am interested in some Decals for my new car. if u can help me out ok

  2. Man, what an amazing accomplishment!! This is a great detachment and you started something very special Paul!!! Thank you for being such a light, leader and inspiration for TK's all over the world!! I tip my bucket to you sir, and to the FISD!!!
  3. Wow. No the tube stripes are NOT upside down, becasue they are symmetrical. (I know, it is my file that is used on the tube stripes). These are the same ones sent with EVERY MC/T TK and sandy bucket sold, as well as all the ATA's!!! And, sure you can pic A photo or screen cap from the film, and decide that the stripes are too low, and I will post another one showing they are too high. Sorry to come off so harsh, but this is the type of "help" that is less than productive, especially when presented as a "must have" vs. a possible, helpful suggestion!!!
  4. Good evening Joel!! In case you have not already, make sure you head over to the Garrison website at www.mg501.com . That site is for the local Garrison for all members in Colorado and Wyoming. We have a large Garrison (almost 100 members), but certainly have a lot of events, 65+ in 2011. Sign up, stop in, say hello, and let's see how we can make you into the Stormtrooper you always wanted to be!!!! Scott Mountain Garrison Merchandise and Branding Offcier
  5. Welcmoe guys. Yes, our local Garrison boards are a great place to get connected locoally. And yes, we have some very talented armor/prop makers very close by!! Sign up on the local boards and introduce yourselves!!
  6. Justin, Welcome the FISD, and the potential beginnings of the 501st!! I am the CO for the Mountain Garrison, which covers Colorado and Wyoming. Read up here on the nuances of a stormtrooper, and then head over to our local forum at www.mg501.com. Join the forum, say hello, and let us help you make you the trooper you always wanted to be. (now THAT, was a corny introduction!!!) Anyways, make sure to come visit us on the local boards, we have a ton of troopers who would love to help out, and a few pointers along the way never hurt. (BTW, as a Garrison we did 7 troops yesterday, and raised over $3,000 for charity, plus a large number of comic books were donated to Children's Hospital in the name of the 501st. Not a bad way to spend a day, don't ya think?)
  7. Good afternoon Brad, I am the Mountain Garrison CO, and we will be looking for you over on our boards to say hello. We have several events coming up in the next few weeks, so check out the calendar and come by sometime and introduce yourself. Glad to have another TK in the works, feel free to contact me with any questions. I also can help you on the armor front as well, so make sure you are not a stranger!!!
  8. !! happy b-day!!

  9. Scott M.

    TK vs. Mando?

    I think the sad part about this is that while you CAN so desire to be within 7 microns of screen accurate, as far as I know, neither the 501st nor this forum has EVER demanded such. Are there people here with all FX armor and are 100% welcome? There better be! Is there an alternative? Sure. I just hate it when you have something as "mature" as the 501st (and by that, I mean as in 11+ years of existence) having to always defend the history. I can guarantee the 501st was VERY forgiving when we were just two or three years into our existence. The other splinter groups are going to go through the process just as the 501st (and the FISD) did, we just have a large jump on them in terms of growth and experience. Keep in mind this is an apples to oranges comparison, and leave it at that. We are all Star Wars fans, and don't get dragged into the argument. I have yet to hear a 501st member throwing a fit all over because another group is too loose with their standards. We may not understand it, but we usually recognize it is NOT the 501st, so there is no reason to argue. My only hope is those of us (and there are many) who are dual members start to bring the ideas of both out into the open, and show these types of differences are not really helping anyone.
  10. Steve is WAYYYYYYY to kind. I have met many of you, and I have no doubt that if the roles were reversed, or if any of you would have been in my shoes, you would do the same thing. All I did was be blessed enough to be the person to help out, nothing more. Thanks again Steve, but you are making my blush!!! :wub:
  11. It was good to see you Carlos, and good to see you back here as well.
  12. Hopefully I will be working the entrance lines in my TS from 7:00 to 10:00 am, then off to the Hasbro Booth!!!
  13. Just paint it!!! My first one was gray and I painted it black,and the second one is that blue color, and it got offered up to the black rattle can gods as well. Using the plastic paint works wonders!!!
  14. Make sure you come talk to me!!! I can help you there. Still love my TK, but with it being ESB, had to roll out the snowie for CV. Don't hate the duster. Besides we are all stormtroopers underneath!!! Is it Wednesday yet????
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