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  1. Guys, don`t worry just yet about a few scratches here in there .. even getting the suit fitted on a manni will get it scratches .. Good luck with the build .. fire away questions if there's anything .. you made a terrific choice going AP .. it's not the easiest to build but again, so much reference and the result is awesome .. you'll never regret it over a FX suit
  2. I personnaly find the Humbroil 5 to be too .. hum .. purple for my taste .. and ended up going over it with Testor Grey 1138!
  3. DRINK water, DRINK water, DRINK water!! I learned the hard way! On my second event ... .. 2nd of 2! Not much going on in Montreal
  4. The one that I`m talking about are the youth one. But people using these said that the internal padding is probably the same as the adult one as it`s really stuffed tight in there. For the need of our helmets, it should be just fine ... if I end up finding one!
  5. LOL .. I love what he`s doing .. I`m even thinking of being the Montreal dancing trooper .. really!
  6. Nath .. again .. on TV! This is getting old news now! Been there, done that, goth the chest plate!!! HAHA Awesome man! You're a star!!!
  7. Try hitting http://www.romfx.com/ .. then Photos and sound. It comes with everything you need.
  8. Alright Chris .. Well, this thread will certainly tell us the answer within a few days .. hopefully, I'll be able to find someone soon enough! I'll keep you posted too
  9. Very nice of you Thayne! Keep me updated! You guys rock!
  10. Awesome! That would be much appreciated Josh .. keep me updated!
  11. Hey guys, I know those Wilson helmet got real cheap and most of you guys found them at WalMart for around 8$ .. here, they are more like 30$ each .. so I was wondering if any of you has some close to you and could pick me 3 of em? I'd pay for the helmets, shipping and some more $$ for the trouble! I'd also just get the padding shipped, you could keep or throw away the helmet. Thanks .. Oh, and hopefully, get these before Halloween would be real cool! Keeping my fingers closed now! Al
  12. I have Nath's (Runrriott) grade 3 and they're awesome .. can see real good. Actually, because I'm 6'3" and have a long neck, I'm one of those lucky guy show can have a pretty big field of view with the helmet on. I met a Vermont trooper at my last event here in Montreal .. and he said: "You know, you're the first guy I ever met that can turn his head all the way left and right and up and down .. that had us have a laugh!!!"
  13. I can't convert my time building my armor in $$$ .. BUT, I would never pay for a finished kit myself as there's no chance it's ever gonna be built to par with my own standards and no armors will fit perfectly on 2 different persons. So as Gary said, no point in buying extra for pre-built/fit armor when you're gonna spend more time anyway fitting it to you .. My 0.02$
  14. I thought I'd bump this thread as there's a load of new people here and they can always use a lot of pics!
  15. There's been thousands of pics posted on this site .. but I strongly suggest these: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?s=&a...ost&p=24620 lol
  16. Hey! THat's my grandma!!! Damn you, she told me my name was back there!!! :S
  17. As much as I like SW related stuff and I do have funny t-shirts .. this is stuff that I can`t totally make my mind about ... Star Wars Ecko collection
  18. Don`t be affraid to remove enough around the eyes .. a lot of the current build threads currently going have people letting too much in the eyes .. there`s a lot of reference everywhere on this site to check! Cheers
  19. Great work! Just take a little more off the eye slots .. you're not supposed to have any lips in there. Most people are affraid (so was I) to take too much but you're just not supposed to see that little lip all around. Post some pics
  20. Hey everyone .. These are great lids .. but! I think you need to remove much more material in the eyes .. that lip that we see is not supposed to be there. Also, Liz, make sure to remove much more from the ears also .. I know it seems weird since you already have a gap but you'll need to take off more in the upper corner so that the concave curve gets on your lid tubes. Trim more little by little and you'll get the results!!! Here's some pics: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?auto...=si&img=504 http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?auto...=si&img=840
  21. I have an AP, and the same problem on my left (or is it right) boot always coming out under my calf. I know others have the same problem too .. it's not THAT problematic though, but what you could do is glue(snap) an elastic (read strap) in the calf, let's say 6" from the bottom that would go under your feet in the boot keeping them down .. just like those thumb handle coming out of the sleeves of snowboarding coats that goes inside the gloves to keep the snow from getting in. Not sure if that would work, but it is a suggestion ... I might try it! Mmm
  22. No, unfortunately, he's not! I found mine from someone on the RPF! 409's head is 350$ .. ouch!
  23. Here's a quick answer to not derail this awesome thread! I'm no expert in 3PO, but I know of a few: Zorg (resin), MC (ABS), GoldenArmor (I think, ABS?). I got the ROTJ Zorg! Hopefully, I won't like it enough to have to buy the rest of the suit!! Urgg... More info here: http://www.tk409.com/c3po.html
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