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  1. Anthony Tse <br> TK 3390<br> Cooling system<br><br> Number 25
  2. Great work! Very impress with your work so far. Thanks for sharing, good karma!
  3. How many chicago screws required for the TFA suit and strap system? Quantity for suit? 1/4 best? Quantity for strap? I read that slightly longer than 1/4 or 6mm is best, say 8mm? Thx!
  4. Any more progress on the boots development? What estimates on the boots, shipping, paypal fees?
  5. Sad and disappointing. Some people do it for the love and honor to be the 75, while there is the one that do it for greed. The good thing about this, whoever crazy enough that buys it, loves it to spend that kind of $$. MTFBWY
  6. You have to have your armor 501st approved to get full access on the GGG forum. So get it done!!!! Once you've done that, and officially approved, just "bumped"/email the GGG staff or Mike Morrison(Web Master), that you need full access, if it does not happen asap. GGG meeting is on Feb. 7th, Saturday at St John's Bar & Grill (www.stjohnsgrill.com), 510 Lawrence Expressway #110, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, (408) 738-8515, time: 11:30pm to 2:00pm
  7. Great work, so far! Garrison meeting on Feb. 7, Saturday, in Santa Clara, at St. Johns (bar & hamburger), go to the GGG forum and let everyone know if you are coming. Unfortunately, I will be out of town that weekend.
  8. Have fun with the build. Show pics. There will be a garrison meeting, Feb. 7, in Santa Clara, at St. Johns Bar(bar and hamburger) Go to the GGG forum for the time. Unfortunately, I will be out of town that week.
  9. Never give up, never surrender! Keep up your build, Jeffrey, see you at a future troop or at Celebration 7 !
  10. Getting there, looking great so far! As soon as I finish my Han Solo carbonite project, I'll be building my NE TK too.
  11. Third TK armor build coming soon

  12. The forearms were the only padding I needed, more to keep it from turning. you'll need to recut your armor to fit youself. Use the thumb rule, your armor should fit you no bigger than the size of thumb/ approx. one inch. The bi-ceps may need more. Remember padding retains heat so you want to use it loosely and needs to dry out after troops or it'll smell and mildew/mold.( fyi: always air out gloves, helmet pads after troops) Hot glue is only temp so use Amazing goop, place glue on both parts for best results.
  13. Waiting for summer to really begin...

  14. Time for new armor...

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