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  1. Awesome job dude!!! I am not far behind!
  2. Someone needs to do one of these for Rogue One TKs. @jimmiroquai
  3. @THMAustin would you be willing to make me a strapping kit for R1 armor like you made for yourself? Troopermaster used to (maybe still does) sell kits for the ANH / ESB / ROTJ armor. I always just bought those. They came with all the straps pre-cut, snaps included, all taped into little "sets" and labeled. If you would be willing to do something like that I would totally pay you for it... supplies + time. Whatever you thought was fair. In fact, you might consider selling them / doing runs of them for people. I know quite a few people are looking at how to
  4. Looks great man!! I love the strapping you did... did you make it all yourself or use a kit from someone? As far as kids kicking you and all — yes. It's why we (speaking in a general sense) don't do birthday parties and never do anything with kids around without handlers. You'll learn to play the part though as time goes on; meaning you'll learn to let yourself be intimidating to kids and scare the Rebel out of them. haha
  5. Love this!!! Sorry I saw it already sold but I love doing stuff like this — remember my eFX mod YEARS ago?! Most especially thanks for the paint to cover the fix in the back!
  6. That's me!! ^^ I got into my old account... just so people know.
  7. NEVER MIND! I got back in on my old account!
  8. I’m on a “make funny Star Wars images†kick and this was just too easy. Again, if you think it’s funny please like it on my Instagram too!
  9. Great job so far, keep it up! Seriously... excited for you!!
  10. Correct!! Read my "Armor 101" too in my signature... if you haven't already.
  11. Did you read the first post? 2. Do not buy from e-bay - kits are over-priced, the quality is often dubious, and always recast. Do not buy stormtrooper stuff from eBay!
  12. Welcome! And yes... I'll echo what Markus said... if you want to do a TD you join us at the MEPD!
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