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  1. Hey Smitty, I'm 6'3 or 6'4", I'm not really sure! Some day, I may do a Vader, I think I'd be perfect for it .. But right now, I'm beginning a scout costume and having a lot of fun doing it .. man the scout is is awesome .. What a great helmet it is! I'll see if it's proper to post pictures of it here when I'm done. I'm already on Bikerscout.net for a work in progress thread...
  2. Thanks buddy! Removing some of that big bump is very satisfying ... Although, just to make sure we're on the same page, I didn't TRIM more of the eye bump, I warmed up the ABS then pushed it lower .. I think I also left a little too much in the eyes, but that's for another time I gotta admit, I don't remember the brand, but you can see an image of it in this post. Or search in the page for epoxy paste. It's basically, epoxy paste stuck around some hardener in paste too. You squeeze it all together until it gets into an homogen paste then you basically have a couple minutes to form it to your needs. It becomes as hard as metal after! BE CAREFUL though, the first eye I did with the paste, I applied it directly around the eye and let it harden there. It was a real PAIN to pop it out after .. almost went through my faceplate trying to pull it off. The second eye, I put scotch tape all around and then, the paste over it .. popped right out! I'm pretty sure there's other tricks that could have worked too.
  3. It's been a while .. I finally found some time between other projects to rebuild my helmet. I've always been unhappy with a couple things on my helmet, the vocoder/mouth painted area was not high enough and had been painted gloss balck, I changed that to flat black. The bump in the high was too high for my taste and I never really liked lens that came with the kit! I could see my eyes in a few shots of me and it pissed me off! So here's the new pics of the helmet, I still want to get the brow higher, give it a more stunt look as I don't feel it's high enough, and I want to build a Hero eventually too, so there I'll have both very different helmet. New lenses fitted with epoxy paste, a trick from TK-4205 found here Adjusted eye bump, much better now imo I just used a hair dryer and a glove to make it smaller. Comparison shots, before and after for all changes New eye bump, new lenses from Runnriottt here I hope you like it .. as always, opened to criticism ... BT
  4. Well, If Steven completed his armor .. so should I!!! I think Steven has been here before me .. and I've been lazy as hell to complete my armor to Elite status!!! I've probably said it a million time already, but I just have my side to close down and I'm probably all good. I just finished rebuilding my helmet yesterday, and I'm pretty happy with the result! Pics to come!!! That will be done no later then this week, if not, you guys can ban me!! (You'd actually free a lot of disk space from my tons of pictures!!) Haha!
  5. Bigturc

    one mean uncle

    LOLL!!!!! Oh man .. I wish I had such an uncle when I was younger! Jim, you're awesome!!! I have 2 nieces (9 & 6) and my only nephew is almost 3 now .. I can't wait for him to grow old!!! My nieces have a blast coming at my place and looking at all my SW crap lying around Very good job on the letter and all .. you're truly a terrific guy!!!
  6. Just as a quick reference, I'm 6'3" and I DID cut some ABS from behind my knee on my AP. I basically made it higher .. like in the pic above, but clean
  7. Dude, I know you probably made your mind by now, and it seems like a good deal .. but you should definitely listen to us. If you look at the thread correctly, no one actually said this was a nice helmet .. To the TKs you listen ...
  8. I use padding but just because in my AP, I wouldn't be able to fit my head in sideways with a liner ...
  9. The above link is actually just a show off page of the armor and not AP's contact ... PM sent!
  10. Pretty much all tk helmets limit head movement vertically .. it also limits peripheral vision .. it does make your neck disappear, thus the nickname, bubble head!
  11. I'll be honest with you cause that's what you're asking for, I wouldn't buy this helmet .. it looks like it hit a wall face first. I'm not even sure if it's so much better then the FX. You should contact AP and ask him for a flawed helmet kit. They're pretty cheap and you won't even notice the flaw on the helmet .. or maybe a thinner ABS zone .. PM me for more detail .. I'll hook you up with him.
  12. Good work .. I'll definitely do the hand but trick .. never thought about that and I always felt it sucked that my mannequin's hand were so static .. thanks for sharing!
  13. I thought I'd update ... I'm pretty much finished on my Neyo bucket. Only the weathering is left for now. Here's a link to my update thread .. let me know if you can't see the pics, I'll upload them here too (I wasn't sure as this is a clone bucket) ... Rebelscum Neyo bucket thread
  14. Well, at least you had white socks!
  15. Hehe .. Not quite the right place ... Try sending a message in this thread instead: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?show...0&start=580
  16. I used normal black electrical tape! Applied it on an extra sheet of abs. Then, I used an exacto to cut a straight line along the edge. Get that 1mm thin strip of tape off the abs and on the helmet. Done. IMO, no need to buy anything you don't have
  17. Stop teasing us, I'm waiting on you to submit my long overdue pictures to get my Elite Man, I think I was set at last Halloween!! I'm so lazy!
  18. Right on .. remove little, try fit, mark, remove some more, try fit, mark, remove x 20. Admire your perfect fit after. In my pic, I actually had just rebuilt my helmet for the pics, so it doesn't look good (in my own taste anyway) and it normally is flawless. Oh and no bondo, glue, silicon or anything needed there!!!
  19. Ok, bad news first, it does look pretty bad!!! Now, good news, it seems like you removed the bare minimum from the ears, which is perfect, your problem is that you just did that, remove the bare minimum. From this point on, what you need to do is check where the ears are hitting your helmet and write directly on the ear where to remove some more .. so carefully, you'll do just that and slowly but sure, the ears will get closer and closer to the dome. Use the search button and check any ear trimming threads here. We've already done extensive threads on this subject. I personally did a photo shoot of my bucket just so you guys could have ear reference pics! Check my album here for any AP reference shots: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?auto...um&album=77
  20. Well, I've uploaded a ton of pictures in the Gallery and never saw anything about size restriction! So unless I'm completely mistaken, I don't think there's a restriction there ...
  21. Scott, IMO you're a mile away from your first draft .. congrats! This one looks much more professional to me. Let us know how fast they go
  22. You're right .. the question was which one was the best. Now, to find a CE is totally another issue .. MR blew it on that one too!
  23. Scott, I think it's a terrific idea! Although, I'd change the right hand text section to have some differences in letter size for your different lines - ie name line vs title vs web addy etc ... Some smaller and some bigger. It looks too plain as it is. Also note I'm a programmer, not an artist so I'm sure all the awesome graphic designers we have here will come up with better more specific ideas than my poor ones! Ha! And I would definitely fit the FISD www address in there!
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