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  1. Guys, I've looked on Parts of Star Wars but couldn't find the info so here it goes ... I've received my Power Cylinders for my E11 and they're great (tx again Tony)! Can someone tell me: 1. Are the wires canon? Should I use them from the counter to the ?Cylinders?? And if so, are they really supposed to enter the back of the cylinders? 2. The Cylinders themselves, where exactly should they be fitted on the ammo clip? Is there good reference pics of this? Yeah, I know I'm being picky, but I thought I'd ask before fixing them permanently ...
  2. You need to be 501st approved .. just go fill out the form on the 501st.com site .. then, make sure to send the proper photos and you should be approved in no time! After that, you just sent a message in the 501st access request threads and you'll be all set! Good job again!
  3. Very nice Graham .. now, just make sure to get white elastic/straps to hold your drop boxes
  4. My compliments to you John!! Now, get that Elite status before me .. it'll kick me to send some pix to get it approved myself!
  5. Coincidentally, Roy Mitchell, the 501st.ca CO sent me a mail yesterday and we exchanged a little. He wants to make sure to have an active year this year, so that might resolves your worries I'll probably end up having to move to get some troops, I'd like to try at least once eventually!
  6. Hey Paul, I'll be right there with you on this one!!! That will probably be my first troop if there is such a thing there .. I'll watch this thread with great interest!!!!
  7. Man, I'm almost tempted to make it from Montreal ... I need to check for airplane ticket's price!!! Do you guys see any problems coming to this thing from Canada? The only one I see is that I'd never get my custom build E11 blaster through the US customs .. I'd go straight in the terror room with the officers!!!
  8. Nice helmet!!! Keep up the good work. Although, you painted your frown black, but in a ANH way. Meaning that ESB lids have black paint going all the way around the frown and on the lips, and not just on the vertical bars .. look at the reference to see what I mean. It's really not a big deal considering you have to add paint, not remove any, we've often seen ANH lid painted ESB style which means removing paint .. urgg!
  9. Bigturc

    just a thought

    LOL .. awesome response!!! Had me laughing on this one .. alone .. in front of my computer .. urg
  10. RomFX here with Stomper's Hovies and Terrell's mini speakers (Stomper orders from him), and the end result is just awesome!!! That's just what makes people go "OOoooooouuu!!"
  11. Hey guys, I'm wondering, I just noticed all my picture links are broken in all my threads .. Before, this was working fine: ["img"]http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/uploads/1...7_65_705214.jpg Now, need to be changed with: ["img"]http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/uploads/11...7_65_705214.jpg Notice the "s" missing? Do we have to go through ALL our posts and rechange the links manually?!?! Man, I just did this for the E11 blaster build thread, and it's a pain .. I have posted ten's and ten's of pictures here and there to help people in the threads .. I really can't see myself rereading all my post and fixing all the links manually because the "s" was removed from the URL path. Plus, it's a problem where as we DON'T see if an image is not showing as its embedded in the html code, so I have to hit Edit on every post to see if there wouldn't be a broken link in my post .. :| What's the suggestion on this? Is it me not linking images properly? I've been doing in this way for about a year now! Thanks for your time guys, A
  12. Guys, I wanted to know if anyone of you had any pictures of how the counters were attached to the E11 in ANH? Any screen accurate way of doing it? I've played a lot with it looking at it from every angle, but I didn't wanna mess up my scope rail since I had done a pretty good job at fitting the screws invisibly on it. I'd like suggestions or picture of it (screen accurate). Thanks for your help, I can't wait to consider that gun completed! Cheers
  13. Look at that thread posted above, I just corrected a link to my AP buttons: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?s=&a...ost&p=27036 Here's the pic again:
  14. Like it was said before, I'd take out a little more around the eye, just to remove that lip we see in the pictures. Your frown holes look great, after a little sanding to make them smoother, they'll come a little more rounded and that will be just perfect IMO. As for the ears, that's the way it is on my AP, one you will fit the first inner screws, and then the bottom screw and the ear screws, that join will disappear under the ear and the fit will be seemless. Just take your time on the ear, and don't worry about what you won't see
  15. Do not worry, I have thin area too on my bucket, and never even reinforced it myself. Never caused me any problem with the helmet yet, and I've manipulated it more often then not!
  16. Well, I'm not married either, I turned 31 and have been with my girlfriend for a little more than 2 years. She kinda digs my Star Wars love and the TK stuff I've built (armor and gun) for the past year! I'm pretty sure she would actually wear a costume if I'd make her one .. she would actually love to own a Leia as Jabba's prisoner outfit! )) I also got addicted to Master Replicas stuff, and that cost me much more than my TK armor in the past 6 months, and again, she digs that too even though a room of my place is now packed with Star Wars props!!! She loved watching me on halloween day, and she actually says that at least, she knows where I am at night : reading my SW forums (RPF, RS, FISD and cough cough BSN cough)
  17. Title says it all .. we don't have a picture gallery anymore
  18. LOL .. I was wondering where was my photo collage .. but then, I noticed that the whole Picture Galleries are completely screwed up! There you go!
  19. I'm using the elastic/canvas belt that came with the AP kit. Like I said, the front belt (ABS) is fixed solid to the ab plate. Then, the Canvas belt is fixed to the ABS belt through the same bolt that goes through the ab plate (it was a rivet before). I've fixed my holster the following way: - Holster has 4 female snaps through it. - Canvas belt has 4 male snaps attached through rivets (so that we see it as rivet outside) with a plastic strip behind so that the belt won't lose it's shape -You just snap the holster to the belt when you're ready to go! The best was of course to get a canvas belt from the guys that does it here, since it's solid, not elastic and already had the ABS plastic into it where the holster will attach. I would still keep the snaps through it though attached with rivet! Now, to take some pics ...
  20. Amen brother! Even though I don't troop, not much happening in the Montreal region, I've had enough fun on Halloween to realize how our hobby could make people happy. Their eyes, the surprise, the joy of seeing what we built and the recognition of what they never thought they'd see in their life. Someday, I'll end up trooping with a bunch of other fanatic like me, that would be you, and see what I've seen but a thousand time stronger! I'd also like to take some time to say that we're doing this for fun and to make people happy, and hell, to make us happy .. I really wish 2008 would see some chilling out on these boards, the realization that 99% of us are here for fun, and not to take crap or to spend time reading flaming post and recasting wars. Here's a resolution for 2008, make peace with the person you hate, enjoy the hobby, say what you need to say and move on! Write tutorials, post pictures and help nOObs getting through it Your life will be better, your health will be better and you'll start feeling better! Don't do this for the money, do this for what it can bring in others .. That's all I have to say .. see you around
  21. LOL .. I never buy those crap ... BUT I gotta admit this thing looks really nice .. gotta go for a TRU run soon then! PS I think that's where Doug had taken his inspiration from for his TK drawing!
  22. Tim, I also removed some ABS around the neck. I have a small head but it wouldn't fit as is. I basically removed almost none on the ear side (left/right) and around a cm on the faceplate and cap (forward/back). Anyway, if you look at Han's bucket in ANH, you'll see that the neck hole is way bigger than ours. It looks like it's been enlarged all the way up to half the height of the tube!!!
  23. Great Job Tim! I really like your frown there! Much better than mine as the holes are much more squared (didn't have a file when I did mine). Also, you can't really complain on the ear fit, one of the best out there! Eyes are really sharp too, I'd say you removed just enough to make it look perfect! Outstanding job on your bucket, can't wait to see it done!!!
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