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  1. For me, it's Episode III all the way, there's something terribly wrong imo about the Episode II ones. It must be the shape, I just don't get it. I just received my Weathered 501st clone trooper yesterday .. and I LOVE IT!!! Steve, on a side note, MR Clone helmets shouldn't be bought over 200$ and that's pretty much shipping included if your in the states. You see plenty of those popping on Evil Bay for around 180$. They went on sale for around 155$ pas sept and everyone got tons of them at that price!!! Hope that helps!
  2. Here's the interesting threads full of pics about this helmet on the RS: http://threads.rebelscum.com/showflat.php?...ev=#Post2910231 http://threads.rebelscum.com/showflat.php?...ev=#Post2980542 http://threads.rebelscum.com/showflat.php?...ev=#Post3003383 Ayone with any questions about this helmet should go read them .. you'll never be the same after!
  3. Steve, everything you're saying about the helmet is normal. First, the MR is ONLY a display piece. I can't see anyone trooping in this .. ever. It's tight, padded, and too costly to bonk on things and drop (I'd probably have a heart attack just getting it touched by everyone etc ...) .. it's heavy and there's no space to fit anything in it unless you strip it but seriously, who would? Now, the wonkiness is totally normal, that's the essence of the ANH helmet. I'm glad you found your plaque, I've never heard of any mistakes for the TK lid on MR's part. How is your frown painted? Is it wavy and from shaking hands or it's more straight? THAT is the main problem on this helmet. Mr tried to copy the frown paint job from the Hero the had and they kinda didn't get it right. Anyway, that's what most people complain about in general ... If you wanna get more information on this bucket and read people's opinions/complaints/flame/love about the helmet, you can go read the Rebelscum forums BUT BEWARE, this place is pretty addictive ... urgg ... http://threads.rebelscum.com/postlist.php?...amp;Board=UBB27 I hope this helps. By the way, I didn't succeed in getting this helmet because of the production shortage .. but I've decided to build my own more accurate representation of the Hero helmet from a TE2/AP (not sure yet). Cheers, BT
  4. Great collection! Is it me of I always felt like the SDS helmets had smaller more triangular eyes? Somehow, I really respect those people getting them because darn, for the price, I'd sure get 3-4 other helmets
  5. Gordon, I can't really help on the bleeding but while fixing that, you should also remove the paint from the upper and lower lips of the frown. Look at reference picture to see what I'm talking about for a more screen accurate look. Keep up the good work!
  6. Thanks guys!! Alright Steve, just let me know your address, I really thought I could salvage it!!! That's exactly what I plan to do now .. but what a pain in the a very impolite person when it's pushing back the work on it for another week!! Arrgg Well, the instructions were saying wait 30 seconds between paint coats .. what da ... I didn't wanna take any chance so I waited around a day between each. So that would be applied while dried but not cured. I've read and re-read your paint tutorial multiple time to make sure I was doing everything right (first paint job on a helmet, second only after my 2 blasters .. urgg that would make it 3) .. anyway, I knew Krylon gloss wouldn't give me a super gloss finish .. and after seeing more and more Neyo helmet done, I thought that would be good since I want to weather it with acrylic paint afterward. Would you consider the Krylon cheap? Or are you saying that for any cheap-er paint than Krylon? I also bought some Rustloleum white gloss .. from you guys pictures, that looks like the paint I would have used for the ultimate shinny look
  7. Currently on sale on Ebay .. I'm thinking about buying these for me and a friend here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:X:RTQ:US:1123
  8. Well, I did it .. After 3 perfect coat of paint, I messed up and my 4th layer of Krylon has a paint run right on the front of the dome. It's barely noticable but it will bug the heck outta me if I leave it there... I was already planing on 5 coats of paint and then a wet sanding to give it a shine .. would that remove the paint by itself if I wait long enough before sanding? Or should I sand now, then do another coat or 2 after? Should I take a pic? http://www.pbase.com/bigturc/image/92897925/large
  9. Ditto .. there must be some kind of free pass on this thread
  10. Steven, I've already posted about this here: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=1849 For me, I have the same behavior .. altuhou, it seems to be more picky. Right now, searching for "Armor" WILL get me over 1000 results, while searching for "TE" or "AP" won't return anything. "Unfortunately your search didn't return any results. Try broadening the search parameters by searching by different keywords or altering the format of your search. Remember to use the wildcard '*' to increase the number of matches. Apple* will match 'apple' and 'apples'."
  11. Well guys, It's done .. no wire yet as I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but at least, I'm happy with it! http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?s=&a...ost&p=31408
  12. Very nce look .. I'd be careful with the heat gun though, not too sure what it would do to the paint ... You built a great helmet ..
  13. Well, you should still consider yourself lucky to have one, a lot of people got cut short on this one. We had a small run going here that felt in the ditch because of the low edition size. Oh well, anyway, I still consider it had more of a Stunt look than Hero .. and I might build myself a Hero soon enough
  14. Hey Sewbi, For the eye bump, I figured you could diminish that eye bump by heating your plastic with a hot gun or hair dryer then pushing the bump down to make it even. I actually tried that on my helmet a couple days ago to get the bump a little smaller. What kind of paint did you use on this lid? I'm always interested in hearing more stories about paint jobs as I'll get my Scout bucket soon .. oooohhhh It's not good, as much as I hated the Hero look before, I'm beginning to dig it now and I'll have to get myself another helmet .. probably an AP, can someone/Guns PM me the price of a TE2 helmet delivered in Canada? Really nice job btw
  15. No but seriously, Episode 1 ... Seriously .. what the heck did uncle George thought when he did it ..... For me, I'd say: ANH, ESB, ROTJ, III, II and that's it .. there's no other, is there?!?
  16. He's talking about the CE version at around 70 euros, not the currently going 600$ LE version! At the price it is for UK guys, you definitely can troop with it .. it's actually much cheaper (PLEASE NOTE, comment reflects price only, not talking about accuracy here) as any other ANH helmets out there ...
  17. Thanks Terrell, that will help me sleep I was also wondering, is this stuff really supposed to be glossy? I ask because my first coat is not glossy at all .. I mean, it's not totally mate but definitely not super glossy, I see painted buckets that have a super high gloss finish and I'm wondering if it's just the paint or the fact that I don't apply enough when I coat (because I wanna make sure to prevent paint runs). I've also seen the H20 and there was Rustoleum from Mike's thread. Should I paint my next helmet with this one instead? Let's say my Fusion is not glossy enough for my taste, can I go and apply Rustoleum over it and that would be a big NO NO!?
  18. Ok guys, I've tried to find that information by looking at different thread like Tk-4510's TE2 build thread, but the paint used wasn't the same, and the search engine returns me bogus info when I look for Krylon so ... I've received my Commander Neyo helmet last week, and began doing the sand, prime and paint job on it this week end. Basically, I've sanded down the seam line and did 2 coats of primer yesterday, and today, I applied my first coat of Krylon Fusion Gloss White. The instructions on the can read: Apply in thin coat, wait 30 seconds. Apply more thin coats. Wait 24 for cure, 7 days to freely manipulate, or something like that. Now, I'm suddenly afraid after reading the above thread that I shouldn't have stopped at my first coat of white today (although that thread was with Rustoleum paint .. still ...). Did I mess up?!? I can't believe it meant, apply a thin coat every 30 seconds until you're happy .. I felt like that it was totally wrong NOT letting the paint cure .. so I interpreted it, paint, wait 24 hours, paint, wait 24 hours etc ... Can anyone do a step by step paint with Krylon Fusion with delay times and nb of coats for a max gloss? Note I also have my fiberglass MLC V3 Scout helmet on its way so I hope that if I messed up this one, it will serve me for my Scout which I definitely don't want to mess. Post-note If anyone can shed some light as to why my painted E-11 with Krylon Semi-flat black is so fragile on the paint?!? I just rub my nail on it and it pretty much each through the paint... and I must have 3 coats on this thing?!? Is Krylon that crappy??? Thanks for your help guys, I hope to have lots of feedback as I plan to coat again tomorrow.
  19. I'm curious, why don't you guys use the Gallery and link on it?
  20. Thanks for that, could you send me those pics by email? You got a PM
  21. I know, Jez asked me if he could pull the picture of my helmet, I said yes of course .. but then, he pulled all the pictures from my album! I was quite surprised to see them all there ) But I'm really proud to be part of his site Ha! I'm famous now!!!
  22. I'll always be amazed at how beautiful'er the AP is at a fraction of the SDS price!!! Very nice helmets Terrell!
  23. You and me Paul, I'm surprised nobody already answered my question about the cylinders and wires being canon? I hope I'm not wrong when I say this would get my blaster canon and elite approved! Actually, IS my blaster from my blaster thread already canon & elite "compatible"?
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