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  1. YES! I think this needs a top handle! Ill go cut one for it tonight!
  2. Got some more work done on this over the past few days between packing and cleaning. Should have it done by the end of the month at the latest.
  3. I may do something similar to that. seems like a simple enough build. On an unrelated note its good to see you're still here even after the long hiatus I took.
  4. I actually think I have a dummy mortar around here somewhere....
  5. So while I wait patiently for my ATA kit I figured I would get a jump start on my HWT build today, starting with the rocket launcher. Didn't get as much done as I would have liked but at least I made some progress. Seeing as I've never played battlefront save once and I don't really remember it all too well does anyone have a screencap or concept drawing of what the fired rounds look like for this weapon? I'd love to make one up to have in the tube and maybe have it glow if they're some sort of energy round. Anywho after all that blabbering heres a pic of what I got done today. Thanks to Dashrazor for building one of these first and inspiring me to do the same!
  6. Just got on the ATA list myself on Noel's advice and am REALLY liking the look of these kits. I'll be following your build closely trooper!
  7. Rubies = BAD! For the money you could get a really nice kit from some of the armor makers on here. Have a look around and read the armor histroy threads and then pick a set of armor and get in touch with the maker.
  8. I wish work had been so hectic. I just went from working 60+ hour weeks to 23 hours >.<
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