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  1. I'm having the same problem. I taped and clamped it shut, so it was in the shape I wanted it to be in. I used a heat gun on low, 15-20 passes, and didn't see much change in the shape of the armor. I'm hesitant about a higher setting on the heat gun because I don't want to damage the plastic. Aside from a hot water bath, is there anything else that's recommended?
  2. Now, the real question is.... can you remove a card with your gloves on? (I think this is a real neat idea - shows great ingenuity )
  3. Has anyone used extra wide cover strips to act as a shim? I'm finding that I need 3 or 4 inches in some places in order to get the thighs to close... an inch or two in the biceps, forearms and shins. Ideally i'd use the correct width of cover strip on the "outside" or "front" of the piece, and a wider cover strip on the "back" or "inside". Thoughts? has anyone done this?
  4. When applying, does one supercede the other? I get that EIB is level 2, and Centurian is level 3, but if you are approved as a Centurian, do you automatically get EIB? Or should you apply for EIB first, then (if approved) move on to Centurian?
  5. Thanks guys. I think I've figured out on what to do to make it look good. It's been almost a decade since I built my TK (and "built" may not be the best word - it's an FX from '07). I'm using my wife's kit as a guinea pig, so when I do mine (after she's approved), I know what to do, and what to avoid.
  6. I'm concerned about the coverage of the butt plate, as well as the gap between the butt plate and the thighs (event though its hard to tell because the thighs aren't finished).
  7. I'll be honest - my wife has a.... rather curvacious backside. I'm wondering if there will be enough "coverage" area. I just don't want it to look like she's wearing armor thats too small for her. Let me see if I can talk her into test fitting some of the pieces, and posting pics here.
  8. Thanks guys. I can figure out what to do to make things *smaller*, but I'm wondering about what to do to make them *bigger*. Where would appropriate places be to add extensions or shims? Mostly in the central body area: cod/butt/kidney/back/chest area. Ideally we're hoping for EIB or Centurian, but if our modifications for standard Legion approval negate any of that, that's ok with us.
  9. I'm working on assembling an Anovos Classic TK for my wife. She (obviously) has a different body shape than I do. Are there any tutorials or WIP threads that describe any tips or differences in assembly for the female form? Something to account for the curves and other differences. I know with her RC the waist had to be a bit lower, and her TB allows for more adjustment with placement of parts, etc. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. anyone know where / when / what network?
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