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  1. Hey guys, For some it's old news, for some, they won't know what this is, but basically eFX is the new company founded by previous MR employee. Their first release is the Stormtrooper bucket, its due for July 8th, 2008. Here's the review by Philip Wise at Rebelscum http://www.rebelscum.com/eFX_HelmStormANH.asp
  2. What's all that unaltered DVD thing about? What did I miss? I have the old Star Wars Trilogy Collector Edition on VHS. The rigid black box. Actually, my best friend, a long time ago, had given it to me as a loan. He didn't want to associate it with his girlfriend at the time, so to my place it went. He went missing on me, oh well, kept the box! Weirdly, I can't find a pic of the box online ...
  3. Hey Nath, I know you'll read all this with a smile! People really care here .. and with a reason, you're an awesome man and we wish you all a speedy recovery! Now, off to buy myself a bicycle helmet!
  4. I'm sure you'll get it Mike! Keep it positive and you'll have good news your way!!! BT
  5. Bah .. it's missing its ears .. that's just rubbish! I love the frame though .. Mmmm
  6. Hey Nath, We can arrange a remote session later tonight or another night .. I might have a look at how your CS is built! And maybe I can help!
  7. Bigturc

    Gas prices

    I'm in Montreal .. gaz price is skyrocketing here! We pay 1.50$ per liter here. For the mathematically challenged: 1 gal = 3.785 L, thus our $ per galon is at 5.67$ Eat this! :|
  8. Welcome Brian! It's always nice to hear someone is back where his heart belongs!!!
  9. Here's a simple formula for you. At your size, AP will fit perfectly. At your size, FX won't fit great at all (meaning the chest piece will be all over and the FX bucket, well, it's the FX bucket) All that I'm saying is that you have a great fit for it, and you shouldn't even ask yourself the question. Go for it, you'll thank us all after!
  10. Neil, Good job on ordering an AP .. there is sooo much build thread around .. just have a look in this same section. Curtis did an amazing one back in the days, I took detailed pictures of pretty much all my pieces in my own thread too .. you shouldn't have any difficulty finding what you're looking for ... My thread: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?show...t=0&start=0 Curtis: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=1194 Good luck!
  11. A very nice fit Rodney .. wish we could see better pics! Your armor looks terrific on you! Great job!
  12. You've done a gfreat job on the helmet my friend. The only thing I would say is that your ear needs much more trimming in the round area. Unless that is exactly the way you wanted it to look like. There.s plenty of reference for that on the site. Lmk if I'm not clear
  13. What the heck is that pile of rubbish!??!?! Man I love it!!! Please tell us more!!!
  14. Hey Glen, Try using the search button for this, this subject has been covered before
  15. 6'3" in AP here. And not the tallest on this board. You can watch my tons of pictures in the Gallery!
  16. Thanks, happy to know all those pictures I took are of use!
  17. This whole thing is exactly why I think this forum is the best out there. The level of friendship of this community is so high that it's no wonder why it's so active on this forum. This is exactly what it should be like .. no one judge, everyone is ready to help, the criticism are objective and that's why we keep coming back here! Kudos to all of you guys, I wish I can meet you all some day!
  18. Hey Gary, Check out my AP build thread, it might give you an idea on how I fitted everything. I also took the time to grab wide angled pix of the inside so you could see where is everything! http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=2022
  19. I'm glad to know you loved them Liz, we worked crazy hours to be able to put these games on the shelves. I think it paid off!
  20. Hi, my name's Alain, and I love Star Wars! Seriously, I'm a game programmer, I've been working at Ubisoft Montreal for the past 9 years now. I'm a team lead for the gameplay part of the games, got a small team and I love it! Among other, I've helped create and start the Splinter Cell license on Xbox, I've done Splinter I and III, then I moved on on another license which we'll be able to talk about in about 2 weeks finally! Ye!
  21. Ha! I told you guys I'd get my Elite .. Scott, you've got a PM!
  22. Thanks for that guys, I really can't compare what I've built with such an awesome piece but I still take it as a compliment! If I'd ever sell the blaster, this one would already have someone at the #1 position in the list .. cough cough Nathan cough hahaha
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