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  1. Hey buddy, Check it out .. I think you'll find everything you need there. I showed 2 types of fan system, there's my speaker and RomFX and everything is self contained: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=2022
  2. I think the last window opened in June .. so since it's about every 3 months .. I'd take it September.
  3. Mmm .. my guess is you didn't trim enough of your ear! Did you check Mike's excellent built tutorial? Or check any of the AP build tutorial? Check my helmet build thread too .. Unless AP changed the length of his screws, I have at least a 3/8" extra inside the bucket.
  4. Hey, better late than never! http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=2022&hl=
  5. Good job! I think you should open the left eye a lot more though .. you don't wanna see that lip all around like you do now, it will add more symetry in the eyes size and it will remove a little big of the bump.
  6. Well, I've been confirmed from another source that this is indeed a fake. With Sideshow policy of "please destroy the prop, and send a proof of it", that was it for this biker character. I guess the character was the defect in this case, and not the bike. This is an original way of doing it .. I bet the owner of the collection was the one behind the camera Still, it's interesting to know how you guys would torture the girls if this was indeed for real! D
  7. You almost got me worried there .. do we know they guy? Or am I on crack and he knows what he's talking about?!?
  8. This is wrong in every way. Those girls are amazingly stupid and indeed, silly. They must have had quite a few drinks cause all they say is pretty much crap. On another note though. Al lot of collectors won't let their girlfriend/wife know the value of their collectible. I'm on Rebelscum and so many guys hides boxes as they come in .. or hide the price or devaluate them in fear of being flamed. That may explain the "I think it's worth about 100 bucks!" Still doesn't justify the act though. On another note, and I thought that was pretty funny, is the comment BELOW the video. It says something like: "[...] decided to destroy his most prized possession -- a scout Stormtrooper figure. [...] ringleader is even so dumb as to call the figure a "snowtrooper"." Well I have some news buddy, you just called the thing a scout Stormtrooper, don't laugh at the girl calling it a snowtrooper. That was pretty dumb if you ask me!
  9. Well, Since shipping was economy 184$ or priority 240$, add 399$ for the helmet, around another 100$ of custom and broker's fees. At over 700$ shipped to Canada, it was pretty easy to pass on the offer! I'll probably need to find a fellow us buddy to buy stuff for me and ship them my way .. anyone?
  10. Helmet is now on sale! www.efxcollectibles.com Shipping costs are a huge let down though.
  11. Nice score Tony, I might be interested if you cast a run in rubber!!! Ye!
  12. Well, still haven't found a solution to this. But thanks for all inputs guys!
  13. Agreed. Way too dark! Man .. that's so weird!
  14. Check out my album .. you'll see how I installed my RomFX inside my AP bucket... http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?auto...um&album=68 You can also check my build thread with all the photos and details ... use the search box
  15. Talk about our girlfriend appreciating the hobby! lol No but seriously, someone sent that to me .. Serious!
  16. http://gizmodo.com/5019917/stormtrooper-hi...r-sex-fantasies I think this is forum friendly
  17. LOL pretty funny! Anyone noticed : it's TK-3207 .. man, that was close!!!
  18. Neil, The AP kit comes with green acetate for the lenses - really close if not the same as in the movie. The mic tips are actually sink faucet covered with black tape, those need to go .. you can reach Stomper or Keith on this forum for more accurate ones. The brow trim is accurate. The neck trim is the same as the brow trim, so inaccurate. There's a couple threads that will give you a link on the accurate one, you can find it online, they sell it in the UK.
  19. Nope, on XP. It really was working fine with FF2 and is working fine with IE7 .. have no clue!
  20. LOL OMG .. It reminds me when I was using a 14.4 Zoltrix modem back in 1990 to access BBS and discussion forums (cause there sure was no internet back then)!!! Well, just to follow up, yes, of course it helps, but I definitely think my PC can take the site as it is .. I might just have to revert back to FF2 in the meantime!
  21. Guys, I'm not totaly sure it's ok to post this here .. but I thought I'd still ask. Admin, of course feel free to delete everything if it doesn't make sense .. So, since I got Firefox 3, the FISD (and BSN) create HUGE CPU spike when browsing the site .. and I mean, everything gets real bad. The lag it creates is quite a pain in the a very impolite person. I've read around on the net that it's due to the page's background but haven't found a solution yet. Does anybody know a solution for this or actually have the same issue? Thanks, Al
  22. I'll ask on Rebelscum Jez or Philip ...
  23. Hey guys, here's another review from Jez (http://www.starwarshelmets.com/) http://threads.rebelscum.com/showflat.php?...3281752#3276828
  24. You guys should definitely contact Runrriott (Nathan) about the lenses. He offers good, thick, green replacement lens and he's an awesome guy!
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