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  1. Yeah, I would have loved a 3PO costume too .. man, respect for these guys in the suit .. and we think we're stuck in those TK armor?!? On the other hand, I've got a 3PO head that should be landing here within a few days .. I can't wait to see it! I had been looking for one of these for quite some time now!
  2. HOLY MOLY Jonah!! I mean, I think I won't have enough place to display both my TK & TB costumes, so I'll end up putting one in a Rubbermaid bin .. but now, I feel I would run out of space just to put my rubbermade bins!!!
  3. Alright, PM your way Better not see you in FX now!
  4. Dude, seriously, just go AP or TE2 You just WON'T regret it!! I'm at 6'3" 185lbs and AP fits just fine on me. I'm sure the fitting would be pretty much the same on TE2 .. I just never tried one! Check out my pictures here: http://www.pbase.com/bigturc/stormtrooper Don't go FX as you will eventually want more. I can PM you the AP info only if you'll seriously consider it
  5. Holy molly! There`s no way I can fire PM to all these people .. let me talk to AP first and see the exact details here .. then, I`ll see if I can resolve that queue of PM .. LOL .. I should ask a dollar per PM
  6. That's exactly it .. people will put tons and tons of time on their MRCE to make it looks more accurate .. plus the material .. in the end, you can have "flawed" AP kit for around 160$ IIRC, and that one, you'll pretty much have nothing to do on it .. For me, time is money, and unless you evaluate your own time at 4$ an hour, my maths tell me that buying a MRCE for mod is not worth it. But again, this is a good practice and a great experience to begin with. Then, you end up catching the screen accurate disease and then you're fraked! :S Oh the time when I was ignorant and had a bank account!!!
  7. I`m all new to this costume thing For now, I have AP TK MC + MLC Biker Scout A buddy of mine is trying to get me into a Vader .. and it`s sinking in slowly. Boy, am I in trouble!!!
  8. OMG .. what a piece of junk!!! I hope people get educated enough so that they won`t sell a ton of this stuff ...
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about placement .. I placed mine as low as possible on my own thigh since I'm pretty tall and it would help hide more black tissue between my ABS pieces ... strategic choice on my part! Like it was said, the peak is the bottom lip of the thigh.
  10. Hey guys, The wait is gonna be worth it .. I finally found a good box to get my armor in Thanks again Scott!!!
  11. To Nathan you listen. I have exactly the same thing on my AP .. Since I'm 6'3", my chest piece runs really high on the ab plate and the first few test I've done, the ab plate was coming out from under my chest so I simply put some velcro inside both the chest and ab plate, and an elastic band keeps them one tight over the other. Never had any problems since then!
  12. I wear what I want, t-shirt, polo, board short, on foot, sandals .. whatever I feel like wearing. Hi, my name is Al, and I'm a game programmer
  13. That`s a no for me .. My opinion is that I can`t stand the idealized look of it .. I just can`t! For me, it`s AP, TE, TE2, ... etc or nothing. But I do understand people on tight budget .. and ultimately, it`s still better then Bobble FX.
  14. Check it out! http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/vie...Wars-A-New-Halo
  15. Maybe this has been done by someone here, but thought it was pretty funny!
  16. Thanks guys, I had a blast .. can't wait for the next troop!
  17. Hey guys, Here's some pics of my 2nd troop, it was an air balloon festival here in the Montreal's region. I had a blast, got dressed from noon to 5pm .. sun came out, caught too much heat and I'll pass on the details Nevertheless, that was one hell of a day and I had so much fun .. we're not so much SW costumee here, but it was great seeing all those guys dressed. It was actually the first time I was seeing another stormtrooper costume .. lol .. and it was a guy from vermont that is here on this board!!! So cheers everyone and enjoy the pics Al
  18. Thanks for the response Terrell! Yeah, I figured it was a question of paying the extra $$$ and is fully understandable. Great, I'm the biggest gallery user .. lol .. that doesn't surprise me at all .. man, have I posted pics here or not!!! I'll see what I'll do about all the pics .. I figured it would take me a whole week to go through all my posts and replace the pictures with external links .. argg. Not sure if I'll have the courage to do so! Cheers.
  19. I drilled 2 holes in each Banker's clips. Then through the TD .. add 2 rivets through it all!!! I think that's the best and cleanest solution and pretty close to movie accurate .. here's a pic of mine:
  20. I'm curious, why is the photo gallery going? I can see all my build and tip thread suddenly going picture blank!!! And I really don't see any ways of converting all pictures to new link. Does that mean we're gonna end up with pictures empty threads? You guys planned anything for this?
  21. Nath, all this time tweaking your armor has got to pay!!! Congrats buddy!!!
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