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  1. Nice Trailer, not more ;) The movie will be awesome regarding scenes, art and pictures. But my expectation after the last two episodes (especially the last one) is, that this movie will not bring the story to an end that I could call star warsy or that will correct the disaster from Episode VIII ;) Don't missunderstand me. I look forward to see this movie like all other episodes in cinema with the same friends since Epsiode VII and Rogue One on the big screen. But I expect absolutely nothing. So this movie could only get better ;) Regarding the last Trailer, I did not feel anything. Not even goose bumps. In comparison, I saw the "Mandalorian"-Trailer this week. This Trailer has much more Star Wars feeling than the last two Saga movies together including goose bumps. :)
  2. Hi Freddy Nice work so far. ISB is not as far as you think And don't worry. Centurion is also not that magic. As far as I remeber your armor from our troop on last saturday you should be almost there as well. Tino and I achieved this level, so you could do also. You armor looked great in real life Just go ahead and follow the advice of our FISD DO's
  3. Thanks for your suggestions and experiences. During smaller troops I put my stuff in my Stanley case too which is lockable. No problem with that so far. But my idea for bigger troops is to have some cash with me at least. So I can buy a snack or something to drink during a break for example I also want to have my mobile with me on bigger trooping events to reach my wife if needed. Normally she and my son are with me but not around me all the time, so a possibility to reach her would be very handy for any purpose. I am planing to install my AKER speaker under the chest so an additional bag there would be a bit tricky I think. Nevertheless this is my favorite place for the bag. But I think with you suggestions I will find a good solution.
  4. Hi all I am searching for a handy possibility to store my mobile, some cash and other important things under my TK armor to have them with me during a troop. Do you have some suggestions other than the TD-storage? I am thinking about a neck pouch or a belt bag direktly attached to some place of the armor. But I don't know where is the best place. The bag should be reachable while wearing the armor. Thanks for suggestions.
  5. Don't worry With an appropiate investigation here in the forum and the most important thing, patience, you will reach Centurion without pain. And it's always worth to go for it.
  6. I would say, your armour looks like you are a commendable Sormtrooper who knows that maintaining his equipment is essential for being well prepared for a combat mission I would stay clean and shiny as long as you can, like Deathstar Stormtrooper But as T-Jay mentioned, you can start with the dirty water / newspaper approach he did on his armour. It is a very slight weathering and removable also. So you cannot do something wrong for the begining
  7. Congratulations Now go on and get the final badge. We will see at Centurion
  8. Very good brother. I see your EIB badge coming closer There is one critical thing, your TK is soooo dirty You are lucky that this would not effect the approval
  9. Hi all after reaching my personal mission objective, becoming a Centurion, I added some new content to my introduction story For those of you who don't want to read the whole story again, I marked the new "Director's Cut" content. For all others, enjoy reading the fully finished story line of "From Acadamy to the Front Lines - Another Star Wars Story - Director's Cut". Feedback appreciated
  10. As far as I know there is a kind of "conservation of the status quo" (Bestandsschutz in german ), means you will keep your status concerning your 501st basic approval even if the CRL is changed. If you are set to "inactive" you have to modify your costume according the new CRL guidelines to get an active member again. If you have been an active member always (means you take part of one event at least) you don't have to modify your costume if the CRL changes but you are highly recommended to do so to ensure a uniform look. Regarding the EIB or Centurion status I don't know, but I think this would be handled in a similar way. To be sure you should ask Tony or Andrew Edit: I hope, Frank is not angry to much because we captured his build thread for this "off-topic" discussion
  11. Exactly. It simply looks better and more than an in-universe helmet. I guess, an in-universe TK helmet would be black inside And it helps to keep the light out to hide your face from beeing seen through the lenses from the outside. It is not necessary for EIB or Centurion application. Sorry for the confusion. That is what I think too. The CRL is somewhat like a standard to ensure a uniform appearance of our TK armours when we troop together. On the other hand there are several exceptions (as we can find on the screen shots) due to lack of budget and time during producing ANH You have to remember that ANH is more like a low budget film than a block buster, but that is exactly why we love it
  12. Hey, that's my helmet, but not approved for Centurion yet Beatiful indeed, assembled and painted by TM himself I only added a frown mesh and a black PlastiDip interiour.
  13. Aaaah. Nice armour. I see another Expert Infantry promotion in the near future.
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