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  1. Thanks, i looking for a voice amplifier to sound like a trooper and this helpful..
  2. Hey all! i was curious what was the best set up for stormtrooper microphone set up? I would like to look at buying a kit. thanks
  3. Thanks for moving it! I will take a few pics for other to look at, but please feel free to give feedback?
  4. Hi all, here is my work, thus far.. it went ok, but needs work, Still pinches in spots
  5. Cool! A garterbelt is a great idea! Mine aren’t loose just as I. Walk they slowly shimmey down. Thanks for the tip Mike
  6. Hey all, my TK kit is coming along nicely, however I find gravity to kind of be a hinderance, especially with thigh armor, how do you all keep them high and tight on your leg? Thanks mike
  7. Hey all, I keep hearing the term butt joining the legs. What does that actually mean? Can it be done and still be 501 approved? thanks mike
  8. Hi all, The AM armor is really awesome! I have assembled the biceps, and forearm supports as well as lashed the top chest and back piece. My next question is the belt. Do I glue the white ammo packs to it? Also where is the best placement for the thermal detonator in the back? It velcro's together. Thanks! Mike
  9. This is mostly for the strip that connects the armor halves. Last night I was doing the bicep and it was hard to be square with it.
  10. thanks for all the help thus far. I was curious what trimmers you felt worked best for cutting up the hard plastic? also do recommend a specific one for more close surgical cutting? thanks! mikey question 2 of probably a million
  11. Great picture Joseph! Hi I was curious what they meant by line 24 snaps and line 20 snaps? Is that a size or type?
  12. Thanks! Do you just glue in the snaps or rivet them in?
  13. Hey all, i was wondering if anyone had a really slick way to make the chest/ back pieces assemble together? As well as front/kidney plate? thanks!
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