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  1. Greedo! Can’t wait to see that one! I’m working on my Death Trooper. I’m hoping to have that one done by The Last Jedi premier troops.
  2. I just made an entire new belt without the drop boxes and holster
  3. Genius... so simple. I hadn't thought of using the pauldron. I'll see if I can try something that's removable
  4. Hope you all are good! Does anyone know of a method of carrying the left shoulder mag pouch without having to attach it to the backpack strap? I'd like an option for attaching the mag pouch without having to put on the backpack like when I'm doing a hospital charity troop (non LFL or Canon) where there's tight spaces, etc. Maybe the Sandies have an idea since the pack is optional for them.. Any ideas would be welcome! Thanks
  5. Thanks. Going forward I'll post troop reports in that thread.
  6. After just squeaking in as a 501st TK and HWT within the past few weeks, I did my first troop last night. It was at the Star Wars night at a Florida Marlin's baseball game (v. the Braves). There were about 20-25 501st members from a variety of detachments including about 10 TK's. A few Rebel Legion folks were there as well. I was the only HWT so I really stood out from the other shiny white TK's (LOL). We were suited up by 5:30 PM and started rotating groups making trips to a variety of locations including the ticket entrances, photo booths, walking around, the press box, the announcers booth, the first pitch on the field, escorting the umps to the field, the 7th inning stretch on the field, etc. I even did a "dance off" with another TK on the jumbo-tron. I jumped in whenever they requested "characters" as I much rather be out and about than waiting in the press conference room where we were staged. All in all it was a blast. The troop lasted until about 9:30-ish. Not bad for my first troop. Here are a few comments and observations: I was afraid to drink a lot of water because I didn't want to have to pee! I discovered that standing for all that time wasn't bad at all - even though I was jealous of the Tie fighter pilot and others that were able to sit. My helmet fans lasted the entire time (THANKS UKSWRATH) as did my Hovi mic system. Wearing my helmet for the lengths of the rotation wasn't bad at all either. I got used to it fairly quickly. My padding, etc was perfect. Visibility was "OK" as I could see down from my mouth screen though seeing little kids next to me was challenging. I was obviously very careful with my DLT-19 the entire time. I could hear most everything that was said except when other TK's were speaking to me... that required a bit more leaning. I Learned that most folks TAKE FOREVER to use their phones to take pics. Dad's want to take pics with Stormtrooper almost more that their kids do! My amor and gear performed flawlessly for the most part and was fairly comfortable. I do need to tweak a few items such as my shin armor and I need to make a chest strap for my pack shoulder straps (as the straps sometimes wanted to pop off my shoulder). No snaps, etc. came undone the entire troop. I saw a few other "newbies" have constant issues here and there. I sweated my an impolite person off!! I need to add a small towel to my kit Chicks dug me. As few especially wanted to "use" the binders in some way... The HWT pack started making itself "known" on my left shoulder at about 9:30 PM. Not sure whether the position changed a bit or it was fatigue. Learned to become more "aware" of my pack walking through door ways. Surprisingly nothing popped off after a few hits in door frames, etc. I could dance in Stormtrooper armor! You guys are a great bunch! I already can't wait until my next troop!
  7. By popular demand. New sheriff in town!
  8. Hey all My GML got back to me and I'm officially a member of the HWT ranks! He updated my 501st profile but what (if anything) do I have to do on Whitearmor? Thanks
  9. I guess you can when you compare it to the "before" photo. Thanks!
  10. You guys were right, it needed some dirt! Look sooooo much better. Though you could barely tell in the photo, it is quite dirty! The photo below is "before" the dirt bath! AFTER: BEFORE:
  11. Thanks for the link and tips! BTW, the page for link to the emergency supplies isn't active. I assembled a few supplies that I think will cover some basic issues for me and others: - Scissors - White gaffers tape - CA Glue and accelerant - Needles and white/black threads - E6000 (slow to cure but what the heck) - Clamps - Assorted Velcro pieces - Sandpaper (to sand in case something needs to be cut) - Gerber Multi-tool Let me know if you can think of something else.
  12. Lmao!!! The funny thing is that absolutely no one else outside of the 501st gives a crap! It just all looks "cool" to the kids, etc that we're doing this for! Leave it to us to stress about the little things! Lol.
  13. Lmao!! I'm getting the sense that the "Sandies" definitely have an issue with anyone else wearing a pauldron. I got a few friendly sneers when I busted out the HWT gear at the armor party. Love it!!
  14. Lol! Ok. Ok. I'll go and roll in the mud a bit!
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