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  1. Thanks Glenn - never knew about that list of NTL costumes [emoji4] It seems like what is an acceptable reference, and not, for a CRL has been a contentious issue for a while, despite the clearly (IMO) documented guidelines.
  2. Aren’t the LMO currently considering a CRL for the FO Mountain Trooper, a 6” figure which was exclusively available from Galaxy’s Edge?
  3. What makes you think the ROTK uses a similar undersuit to the ST and not the Death Trooper? I would hypothesis it the latter given the need for more black gaskets.
  4. 2020/03/09 - Somerville Family Day, Somerville, VIC, Australia
  5. 2020/03/08 - SupaNova Melbourne 2020
  6. 2020/03/01 - Melbourne Children’s Hospital walk in the park
  7. 2020/01/26 - Melbourne Australia Day Parade, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  8. Manny the Mannequin has had half a Red Bull: he's got a wing! The pauldron arrived today. My initial concerns about the colour were misplaced: I think the orange is passable. What say you fine peoples?
  9. So... here we are again Because I like to start a few dozen projects, and never finish any take a really long time to finish them, I thought what the heck, what's one more LOL To set some expectations up front: I'm not interested in taking the build to Centurion level, my HWT will mostly be clean, as this is going to be a dual TK/HWT costume. I'm also in Australia, where we don't have access to the wide range of oil pan options our US brethren have (unless one fancies paying $$ in shipping). I haven't decided which BFG I like yet. In the absence of the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, I'm leaning toward the T-21. Realistically though I'll probably just end up submitting my approval paperwork without a blaster. The oil change pan container I've gone with is the Daytona 8L. At 325mm wide and approx. 510mm high (once the pour plug has been removed), it's about 10% smaller than the Wedco 12.5 quart pan. As such, I'll be scaling the suggested height and width measurements featured in the TIP: NOTE ON HWT PACK SPECS thread down by 10%. My pan measures 100mm thick/deep, so I see no need to scale this particular dimension, but, hey, anything can happen. One of the concerns I have is with the curvature of the bottom of the pan, but a garrison mate asked about this on these fine forums a couple of months ago, and the general opinion was that it should be fine. Hopefully that position hasn't changed. Some initial WIP photos: Razorsaw and Xacto saw blade made quick work of the long funnels/pour plugs. One of the great features of this pan is the square funnel/drip area, which slides neatly over the TK backplate box. It should make wearability a bit easier. I did a quick mock up with appropriately sized (scaled) junk lying around the garage to see how it might look. Are the visible arms of the "X" going to be an issue? I think it adds character. At this point I'm uncertain whether I'll use Eric's 3D files, or just hunt down tupperware boxes. I had a quick look online last night and I couldn't find anything within the dimensional tolerances I would find suitable. A question for those in the know: does the width of the webbing straps matter? Finally, I've ordered a pauldron from this fellow: Stormtrooper Pauldron Shoulder Pad Sandtrooper Armor (Orange) Initial thoughts? If it's too light, I can darken it. If it's too thin, I'll pad it out.
  10. Sorry to hear you got a bump back. Not sure I understand the pauldron comment - is it simply a dressing issue that a snap is visible? The backpack issue is a bugger, but it should be relatively easy to slice the pour plug off and fit a cover.
  11. Bit of clean up required here please: a few dead links and Photobucket watermarks etc
  12. Really nice work. Is this for a HWT? Really surprised nobody else has commented. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Nice work. Are you sharing or selling the STLs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Nice one mate! Been doing some local spruiking of your TK [emoji6] Consider it a complementary value-add to my usual consulting fees. This one’s on the house lol [emoji23]
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