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  1. Hi Geoff Good to see you found your way here. Take your time reading through posts and build threads here. This place is a gold mine of information. The reason I suggested RS is because they offer the full commission/pre built option, as I know you want to get out there trooping again ASAP. Other popular kits within KFG are AP and WTF. A few of us have Anovos kits, but as you know from your own experiences with them, “fast” is not a word one easily associates with that company. In terms of PVC vs ABS, it’s a personal choice IMO. Each has their advantage. You’ll notice a difference in col
  2. Always an enjoyable read [emoji4] Thanks to everyone who puts the monthly newsletter together [emoji1303]
  3. I use the same. Actually, I think I bought it off your recommendation [emoji23] I’ve used it with both Prymm eyelets and sports/camping snaps, as well as some cheaper snaps from the local hardware store.
  4. Thanks Boss! There’s a few of us down in VIC doing the same, so we’re learning off each other [emoji4]
  5. With the gradual lifting of pandemic restrictions and the chance to catch up with good mates again, my mojo has started coming back. The fact that I eventually managed to get my little Ender 3 working helped too As mentioned above, we can't get the Wedco oil change pan here in Oz (unless you want to pay a fortune in shipping), but the Daytona pan is readily available, albeit 10% smaller than the former. A fellow builder and garrison mate printed Eric's awesome pack parts (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4462006) at 90%. Size wise they look good. However my concern is that to hav
  6. Thanks for the nod, mate. It’s just what we do here: troopers helping troopers [emoji4] I’ll be following your Jimi build keenly too. Pop corn ready!
  7. *Knightfall Garrison. Missing the “K”. [emoji6] Good luck with your application. I’m sure it’ll be an easy pass.
  8. Bloody legend, [mention]gmrhodes13 [/mention] !
  9. Looks awesome, Mark. Well done, and good luck with your application. [emoji4]
  10. [mention]BigJasoni [/mention] lol your build is one of those that got me thinking about the topic - that and seeing someone post a Winter Soldier bionic arm done in flex TPU on Facey.
  11. [mention]TheRascalKing [/mention] It’ll be interesting to see whether some of the newer TPU Flex 3D print materials can replicate the finer details and how they hold out on costumes.
  12. Definitely not ABS. The below quote is from Paul Prentice on Shoretrooper Fam. Paul is highly regarded for his research into the armoured Imperial characters of Rogue One and Solo. The production process was the same for ST and TK.
  13. Lol I thought so too. We’ve been nagging him for ages. I think he saw the interest when Paul Prentice started a new research group this weekend [emoji6] Definitely jump on ST Fam, the place to be for ST research. [emoji1303]
  14. Well done mate! That’s awesome! And of course just as you get yours complete, Nico Henderson starts designing ROTK armour to go with his bucket [emoji23][emoji23] Btw, are you on Shoretrooper Fam on FB?
  15. Jason, mate, I’m glad you’re not throwing in the towel. Your build has been phenomenal. While you’re recouping, I’d suggest popping over to spec ops and having a chat to the Deathtrooper guys. Many of them are wearing printed armour, and achieve the most magnificent high gloss, durable, finishes. I’m sure they’ll have a few tips to share. Btw, a guy in my garrison uses UV resin to fill and reinforce his FDM weapon prints. It comes up great on the smaller parts (I don’t think it cost effective for larger parts - I’d think epoxy resin would still be the preferred way to harder armour)
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