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  1. 2020/04/02 Kruze 4 Kids 10th Annual Good Friday Car Show & Family Day, Sunbury, VIC, Australia
  2. 2020/12/27 Astor Theatre ESB Screening, St Kilda, VIC, Australia
  3. Another fantastic edition of the FISD Newletter. Thanks to @gmrhodes13 , team and all contributors! Congrats on the achievement @Architect18112 And last but not least, happy 21st birthday again Bossman @Sly11
  4. G’day from Melbourne, Luke. You’ll find there’s a fair few of us Aussies around [emoji4]
  5. G’day Richard Welcome from Hookturnistan, aka Victoria! [emoji6][emoji23] Have you asked on the SCG forums if anyone is doing commissions locally? Might be an option to import the armour and have a local assemble it for you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ah, gotcha, I really need to learn to read good [emoji23][emoji23]
  7. If you’re prepared to wait, Eelco at 3D Props NL has just started the research on a T21. Not sure if the files will only be available via his Patreon or for sale though.
  8. Apart from the antenna (the CRL doesn’t allow for that), I can’t see anything wrong with your pack. What was the exact wording from your GML?
  9. Hey Chris, Found ya, mate! I'll post the submission photo requirements in response to your question over on the Knightfall forum. Overall, though, the armour looks good for basic submission. There are a few dressing issues here and there, nothing that should hold you up. Dressing issues I've noticed (in addition to what you pointed out): - helmet sitting skew (for submission photos make sure this is nice and straight) - back plate looks loose (might just be the photo angle) - line up the ab and kidney plates (again, might just be the photo ang
  10. I’m about 800km south of you: Hookturnistan (aka Melbourne [emoji6]) Be sure to sign up to the Southern Cross Garrison forums as well if you haven’t already done so [emoji1303]
  11. Welcome the party, mate! Whereabouts in Straya are you?
  12. Welcome, Tim! Always great to see people doing their research first [emoji1303] I’m sure you’ll agree this site/forum is a gold mine of information!
  13. Congrats again, Mark! Hopefully we’ll be able to troop together soon. [emoji4]
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