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  1. Too far, or not far enough? The serious costumer flies to Tunisia and rolls around in the dirt (in armour of course). [emoji2957]
  2. If it’s just the hand guards holding up your submission, then defo! You can always come back to the silicone later.
  3. Awesome book! Does that mean you’re planning for your next costume? [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Looks great, Mark. Will the snaps hold a weighted holster? I.e. a holstered blaster? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. - Backplate looks ok - butt plate flare is cannon [emoji6] - shoulders are fine (imo) - drop the forearms a bit - sides seem ok on first impression Next photos can you put the belt on? Even if just the cloth bit. Also gloves and hand plates.
  6. Defo. I created straps from painters tape and adjusted countless times before settling on a good length and gaps.
  7. Looks ok. Your belt will cover that anyway [emoji4]
  8. That’s not something that’s enforced. The gap between the bicep and forearm should be the same as the forearm and hand armour.
  9. It’s not the pandemic. It’s standard operating procedure for Imperial Boots [emoji4] They operate on a wave basis. They open for orders for about a week every month. Then fulfill only those orders. It’s helps them manage volumes [emoji4] They should open in the next day or so, so be sure to follow them on FB.
  10. C’mon Glenn, tell the truth... you’ve already started your festive trooper build, haven’t you? [emoji12]
  11. Just keep taping pieces together, wearing them (whilst wearing compression wear) and moving around the house. You’ll get the feel of how tight or loose they are, and where the little armour bites are likely to be, and be able to make those small adjustments before you glue it all. Particularly since you’re adding inner strips, which can be a bugger to pull out later to make adjustments.
  12. [mention]markgambino [/mention] fantastic job on that helmet! Wow! Keep this up and it’ll be a really easy approval for our GML [emoji1303][emoji1303]
  13. Really hope the definition is good enough for a CRL. This is defo my favourite version of a flamethrower trooper.
  14. What is it you’re wanting help with specifically though?
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