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  1. My squad leader convinced me to start logging my troops so here is my list. 1. 06.17.2017 Spokane Indians Star Wars night 2. 10.07.2017 Star Wars Reads Day CDA library 3. 10.07.2017 Alzheimers Assoc. Walk 4. 11.24.2017 Toys for Tots Black Friday Drive 5. 02.16.2018 Music of Star Wars Segment on KREM2 for the Spokane Symphony 6. 02.17.2018 - Spokane Symphony Interactive Star Wars Concerts 7. 02.09.2018 -- SPOKESMAN REVIEW PHOTO SHOOT FOR SPOKANE SYMPHONY 8. 06.02.2018 - 06.03.2018 Lilac City Comicon 9. 06.28.2018 - Star Wars Night Liberty Park Community Development Center 10. 07.13.2018 and 07.14.2018 - Spokane Indians Star Wars Weekend 11. 08.22.2018 - Shriners Children Hospital Visit and Donation 12. 08.11.18 C. O. P. S. Spokane Night Out Against Crime 13. 09.22.2018 - Spokane Valley Feast / Elk Lodge 14. 09.13.2018 Childhood Cancer Awareness Month at Sacred Hearts Children's Hospital 15. 10.27.2018 Trunk or Treat 16. 10.27.2018 Tri-Cities Meet And Greet 17. 12.27.2018 Shriner's Hospital for Children 18. 03.16.2019 Leprechaun Limbo 19. 03.16.2019 Spokane St. Patrick's Day Parade 20. 04.26.2019 ACCOIN Light The Way Dinner & Auction 21. 04.20.2019 Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt 22. 05.04.2019 Newport Library 23. 05.04.2019 Free Comic Book Day/May the Fourth Spectacular 24. 05.11.2019 FamCon 25. 05.17.2019 Hutton Elementary Spring fling 26. 06.01.2019 Lilac City Comic Con 27. 07.12.2019 Tri-Cities Dust Devils Star Wars Night 28. 07.12.2019 Touch A Truck 29. 07.27.2019 Deer Park Settlers Day Parade 30. 08.09.2019 Star Wars Weekend with the Spokane Indians 31. 10.19.2019 Lake City Comic Con (Coeur d'Alene ID) 32. 11.22.2019 Star Wars Nerd Night at the Mobius Science Center 33. 11.16.2019 Joey Lewis' 8th Birthday 34. 12.20.2019 Rise of Skywalker Company Theatre Showing
  2. I built it out on my own. I got all the stuff from Amazon, eBay or stuff I had around the workbench. The fans are through an Adjustable Driver Switch. This allows the 2 5volt fans to come on without the 12 v ones, but if I turn up the driver switch the 12 v will kick on. The 5-volt ones are protected from burning out with a 12v to 5v Step-Down. These are run off a 12V Tenergy 2000mAh NiMH battery. The battery also powers the audio amplifier. The mic is plugged into the iPhone, then the modulated audio is run to the amplifier then out to the speakers. I can adjust the audio level with the knob. This is basically the setup
  3. Just finished off the electronics in my helmet. I’m stoked. It took a bit of engineering and positioning, but I got all my electronics in my helmet and working. Voice modulator (old iPhone using trooper talk), audio amp, mic and four 15mm speakers. Along with two 5 volt fans and two 12 volt fans on a variable knob to turn them up and down. It’s all running off a 12 v battery back. The helmet itself is a heavily modified R1 black series. I stripped everything out of the inside, filled the speaker holes, molded ears, replace the screen behind the frown, changed lenses, modified mic tips (15mm speakers in side them). I know it will never be anything more than basic approval, but I happy with it.
  4. Best my local squad could figure out of my armor was that is it an FX as well. I got it used very cheap and trimmed it for me. I did not get his helmet and got a different one. It worked out and I got approved with it. Here is my first post asking about it. It has some pictures you can compare.
  5. Yes, it has been a few years. I moved in 07 to Washington. I was down there a few months ago and could see how it has changed.
  6. Looking at other troopers it seems that my hand plates are a bit big. How much should I trim them down?
  7. Issue fixed. Worked great for my first troop at a local baseball game Star Wars night.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion that's what I ended up doing. I got a troop this weekend I'll see how it works out. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. TK-13717 Requesting 501st access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=25056&costumeID=124
  10. Good idea, I'll give that a shot. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. https://goo.gl/photos/m1QiHVjXaXqK631K8 Any thoughts on what would cause my shin armor to twist outward when I walk. By the time I got to the end of the block they were twisted?
  12. Yes, I know, Now I'm looking at a FOTK
  13. I got this approved. I did a lot of trimming down and make the joints butt joints. I also got a new bucket. I got approved as TK 13717
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